Order Sample

Order Sample

Our free sample service means you can try before you buy, enabling you to match colours, woodgrains and styles. And we make it so easy; samples can be ordered directly from the product page and delivered straight to your door free of charge .

Price Match

Price Match

It can be confusing when comparing prices and specifications from different suppliers, but not with our Price Match service – we will match the price of any comparable product specification, so you know you're always getting the best possible deal.

Be Inspired

Maintenance & Care

When you invest in a beautiful wood floor, it's important to protect it and keep it looking great. We sell all the products you need to maintain and care for your floor, protecting it from stresses and strains, wear and tear. Our products are carefully chosen so that they will not spoil the beautiful appearance of your wood.

Fast Deliveries

With free delivery on order over £299 and a superbly reliable service, your free delivery just got even faster!   Renowned for our best-in-class delivery, for orders over £299 you now get Free Express Delivery. Check our delivery times, particularly if you are planning other services to tie in with your flooring arrival.

Interactive Floor Planner

Want to know how your wonderful new wooden floor will look in your home? Then try out our Floor Planner now. It enables you to choose by seeing how your room will look. Get a real idea of how your new floor will appear when matched with your home style and décor. Almost as good as the real thing!

Bespoke Colour Service

Our huge range of wood flooring colours should provide you with just what you are looking for but if you need a bespoke colour matching service, we can do that too. If you need a specific colour and can’t find it anywhere else, our team of designers will take care of it, creating a perfect match.

Who We Are

Project Management

With a skilled and adept team proficient in the art of project management, we take care of every stage of your project so that you don’t have to. Everything from design, planning and installation is encompassed in our expert service.

Working With Passion

What others may call an obsession we refer to as our passion. Our dedication and focus on customer satisfaction will show in every aspect of your flooring project.

Attention to Detail

Our reputation shows through in everything we do and attention to detail is paramount to us when creating and fitting your perfect wood floor. Sometimes it's the small finishing touches that can make all the difference.

Engineered Wood Flooring London

Real wood flooring is a work of art. It not only means physical fortification for a premise, but also a major aesthetic upgrade. A nice wood flooring is quite an eyeful, something that cannot be equaled by even all the décor in the house combined.

At Timberzone Design Ltd, London, we offer perfect real wood flooring London services that inspire awe and appreciation at the very first sight. Working together with a team of insightful architects and creative designers, we try to engineer the kind of floor that is right for your house. In that, we create a balance between the technicality and aesthetics.

Our services are available in Herts, Essex, Surrey, Bucks & London and other parts of the UK.

A Houseful of Choice

We keep an inclusive stock of floors that consists of the most popular to the rarest kinds of wood flooring essex products. Our representatives are always happy to take you through your best options so that you are able to make an informed decision, much to your satisfaction. For all our clients, we offer free floor samples so that they can have the swatches laid out before them at the time of decision making.

In hardwood flooring, oak and walnut are our specialty. We offer all our wood flooring surrey products in the shades of natural, smoked, white and brown.

Our Tri-Step Wood Flooring

Services Our Solid wood flooring North London service is a three-step process that starts with design and ends in installation. At the design stage, we help you explore all the options there is and long list the ones you like the most. Of them, we help you find out the ones that will fit your project best. From this point, wood flooring bucks London professionals pass it over to you. Take your time, discuss with your friends and family, do you own research and in the end, drop us a word when you have made your decision. You can count on our designers for all the help you need to arrive at the right decision. They will be happy to be with you, every step of the way so that you are nothing short of in love with the end product when you see it. The next part of our engineered timber flooring London UK service is planning where our architects create a draft of entire project. We believe in precise planning because that way, we feel in total control of things. Flooring is not a one-day’s job and our clients know it. So, when our wood floor specialist is done mapping the plan, we run it by our clients and only after confirmation from our clients, do we go ahead with the implementation.

That brings us to our last and final stage of the service, which is installation. Here our architects work together with our wood floor installer London to lay the groundwork, fit the panels and finally laminate it properly. Engineered wood flooring UK sale is a part of our service that we offer independently for old floors. This takes the longest time and we expect our clients to bear with us through this time so that we can deliver the results we promise.

Engineered Wood Flooring North London UK

Aside Engineered Wood flooring premises, we also offer maintenance and repair support for old floors. Passionate floorers as we are, we plunge at every opportunity we get to make a floor look great. In that, we do spot repairs, complete redoing and maintenance works. From scratches to marks, damages to dullness, we do it all with the final objective of returning the lost glamor. To that end, we employ our architects, planners and masons give the job the best conclusion possible.

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