Are You Ready for Oak Flooring?

Flooring is a very important feature of any home. You may have carpeting on the floors of your living room and bedrooms, but does it really look attractive? Sure, carpets are soft to walk on, but they get dirty easily. Dirt particles and bug larvae build up underneath the surface of carpets to where you cannot see them. Even vacuuming your carpets doesn’t always get rid of it all.

You don’t need to settle for carpets on your flooring any longer. Rip up those annoying carpets and replace them with oak hardwood flooring. This might seem like a ridiculous idea because hardwood is a tougher, colder surface on your feet. But there are several advantages to switching to oak flooring that you might not have realised before.

Let’s go over those advantages now:

1) Easier to Clean

Say goodbye to scrubbing up stains and messes. When food or liquid falls onto an oak floor, you can easily wipe it away clean. There is no scrubbing required. Try to wipe up the mess quickly, though. Don’t leave it on the wood for too long or else the mess will harden onto the texture.  

2) Durable and Long Lasting

Oak hardwood flooring has a very long lifespan. Oak is a durable material which can withstand many years of walking and placing heavy furniture on it. You shouldn’t need to replace the oak in your lifetime.

3) Helps Cool the Home

Oak hardwood has a natural tendency to stay cool no matter what the temperature is inside or outside. This comes in very handy in the summertime because you can cool your feet after you come inside from under the hot sun. The indoor temperature also stays cooler because of the flooring too.

4) Increase the Value of Your Home

Every homeowner is looking for a simple way to increase the value of their home. By installing oak hardwood flooring, you can easily increase your home’s value. If you put your home for sale on the market, it’ll have twice as much chance of selling with oak hardwood flooring present.


If you can invest just one-time into high-quality oak hardwood flooring for your home, then the investment will pay off for many years to come. So yes, you are definitely ready for oak flooring.