Bespoke Versailles Parquet Flooring in London

To start with, wood panels are quite unique and compared to plank flooring; they are more decorative and –magnificent. Our range of Versailles Parquet Flooring will wow you easily. They are renowned for their timeless elegance so much so that they adorned the floor of one of the world’s famous palaces during the reign of one of the world’s most illustrious monarchs, the Sun King himself.

 The Versailles Parquet Panels became the centerpiece in the hall of mirrors and since then has attained universal acceptance across the whole of Europe. From being a symbol of royalty, opulence and luxury, you can now find Versailles Parquet flooring in London homes and most other traditional and modern interiors.

Timberzone Versailles Parquet Flooring can easily spice up any interior.  Each of the Turgon panels is custom made and we offer our customers an unlimited choice of style, size, and wood species. We work in conjunction with a range of designers so we can create a bespoke look that can easily complement your modern interiors or traditional décor.

We carefully consider all of the intricate details and important factors so we can arrive at the top quality we’re known for. These include size, depth, color, the degree of aging and distressing, oil type or lacquer chosen, as well as the cut of the log. All of these are carefully considered in designing your panel. Each piece is carefully selected and aged individually. They are also distressed and manipulated to meet clients’ precise specifications and requirements.

The wood is made from real oak and you can rest assured that they’ll definitely stand the test of time. The top layer finish both provides a kind of authentic look as well as added protection. You can expect it to remain perfect even if used in high traffic areas of the home.

Every tile counts and here at Timberzone, we maintain our quality all through and are very attentive to details. Each tile stands for superior quality due to the natural grade and the premium quality of this floor. Due to the exceptional quality of the materials used, there seems to be a high level of authenticity with the floor exuding this kind of calm and natural beauty, making it a worthy fit for your London home’s flooring.

You can order a free sample to be delivered to your doorstep. You can also easily contact us to discuss your options as it relates to your bespoke wood flooring.