When most people think about commercial flooring, they probably think of ceramic tiling, vinyl tiling, or commercial style carpeting. These flooring options may be good for some businesses, but not so great for others. The problem with tiling and carpeting is they tend to make people feel uncomfortable, especially when they’re at work. These flooring options simply don’t create a sense of relaxation and calmness the way wood flooring does.

Commercial wood flooring is a growing trend in the business community. Company leaders are starting to notice how much happier their employees and clients are when they walk into a work environment that has wood flooring below them. Wood is a reflection of nature and the outdoors, which are two things that subconsciously make people feel better when they’re around them.  If you want happier employees and better productivity in the workplace, then consider getting commercial wood flooring.

At Timberzone, all our commercial wood flooring is engineered with the most advanced wood flooring technology. Since it is engineered, the flooring has several wood fibres and a backboard for stability and extra durability. A lot of people will be walking on your floors every single day, so the durability of your floors matters a lot.

When we install commercial wood flooring for our clients, we go the extra mile to ensure that it lasts for several years. We apply a special finishing to the surface of the wood that is formulated to preserve its lifespan. This coating will make the wood more resistant to things like stains, wear & tear, scratches, and light impact.

With engineered flooring like this, you don’t need to sand the surface every couple of months as you do with solid hardwood floors. The fibres and finishing of the engineered surface are durable enough to stay strong without requiring any sanding. This reduces your maintenance costs and makes caring for your flooring so much easier.

The appearance of your commercial wood flooring comes with several colour texture choices, such as black oak, natural oak, black walnut, walnut herringbone, white oak, grey oak, and coffee oak. There is really no right or wrong choice here because any of these textures will create a peaceful atmosphere in your work environment. 

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