Finding Wooden Flooring That Matches the Decor of Your Home

Homeowners love to add wooden flooring to their homes because it is a great way to transform their living space into something special. Of course, there are several different types of wood to choose for the flooring. Each type of wood has a unique colour, texture, and finish. Before you choose the wood for your flooring, you might want to consider whether it matches the décor of your home.

Solid hardwood flooring is essential to have because it is durable flooring that can tolerate all the walking that happens on it. This will also give your home more value because homebuyers love hardwood floors. As for the appearance, browse through the various finishes and colours of the hardwood that is available.

Remember that you can put wood flooring in any room of your home and it will look great. Most people put it in their kitchens and living rooms, but it may also work well in bathrooms and bedrooms too. Just beware of the moisture issues that you might have in your bathroom if you decide to put wooden flooring in it. Moisture can damage wood easily if you don’t have proper ventilation in the room. Add lamination to the flooring to protect the surface more from moisture exposure.

Your wooden flooring choices really come down to two main options. You can either go with the lighter beech solid woods (Scandinavian Chic) or the rustic country darker woods. The Scandinavian style is better for minimalists who have light coloured walls and fewer possessions exposed in the room.

For instance, you could have lighter wood flooring in the living room to match the white walls and aqua blue furniture. That would blend very well together. As for the darker rustic wood, that might look better in your kitchen where you do a lot of cooking. Just in case any messes fall on the floor, the rustic appearance will blend very well with food stains and messes. And if you have a lot of possessions lying around in any of your rooms, then a darker wooden floor is better.


You can learn a lot about the types of wooden flooring available by conducting searches on the internet and comparing the looks of each wood type.