How thick is oak hardwood flooring?

Oak hardwood flooring is one of the most popular types of solid hardwood flooring that you can get for your home. It will match virtually any type of décor or renovation that you make in your home. Oak hardwood flooring is popular because it looks magnificent and is in high demand by other home buyers. If you ever need to sell your home, then you’ll want to have oak hardwood flooring in it.

With hundreds of different colours and styles available for your hardwood flooring, the thickness and width of oak hardwood will be about the same in every case. You can expect the average oak hardwood flooring to be 0.75 inches in thickness and 2.25 inches in width. However, if you choose plank floors, then the width might have another 3 or 6 inches added onto it. But the thickness will pretty much stay the same.

Some people do not prefer the prefinished versions of oak hardwood flooring which use these dimensions. They’d rather have customised dimensions where unfinished wood planks are custom milled to their specifications. Someone may want a width of under 2.25 inches or higher than 6 inches. Sometimes the thickness might be under 0.75 inches in unique circumstances.

Overall, the thickness and width are dependent on where the oak hardwood flooring is going to be installed. If it is going inside of a residential home, then the standard 0.75 inches of thickness should be fine. But if the oak hardwood flooring is meant for a more populated area where people are going to walk on it repeatedly, then you’ll want the flooring to be thicker than 0.75 inches. You’ll sometimes see this in commercial settings which use hardwood flooring to provide a classier look for guests.

If you’re inexperienced at hardwood flooring installations, then have a professional carpenter or contractor perform the installation for you. They’ll know which size to cut your wood planks so that they accommodate your environment appropriately. Then you can learn from the experience and know what to do the next time you’re interested in installing hardwood flooring in a room of your home.