Bespoke Wood Flooring London

Are you looking for a unique household flooring design for specific rooms or spaces in your home? If so, then you need to use the bespoke wooden flooring design. Not only is it textured, but it offers a natural and personalised tone which blends perfectly with your home environment.

Here is what you get with every purchase of our bespoke wood flooring:

  • A Universal Tone for Any Home – No matter which colour scheme you select, it will have an earthy colour tone and texture. This particular tone goes with most home interior settings and appearances. You won’t need to do any home décor modifications after you install this flooring.
  • Several Colours and Sizes Available – Even with one earthy tone, you get up to four different colour style choices. There are also multiple sizes available to accommodate your specific home’s interior design. Your colour style choices are as follows:
  •  Forest Oak – A unique greenish-yellow texture which resembles the woodland oak trees of the forest. If you desire to create a natural and hospitable appearance in your household, then you’ll want to try the forest oak texture.
  • Lime Wash – A perfect reflection of a limestone texture: whiteish hue smeared with blackened line traces running across it. This will add a mixture of naturalness and vibrancy to your home.
  • Whisper Grey Oak – A wheat-like texture with a light brown colour. If you want comfort and style rolled into one design, then you’ll love coming home to this flooring texture after a hard day’s work.  
  • Black Oak – Give your flooring a blackened charcoal appearance to add extra suave and elegance to your home interior space. A perfect design to heighten the charming atmosphere of your home décor.
  •  Durable Material – Your bespoke wooden flooring will be constructed from FSC Certified European Oak. This is an extremely durable material which is resistant to most types of impact and damage. You’ll no longer need to worry about the deterioration of the floors.
  •  Finishing for Added Protection – To ensure that your bespoke floors have everlasting protection, our highly skilled finishing team applies a combination of natural oil, waxes, stains, and acids to the top surface layer. Not only will this finishing preserve the material, but it’ll also keep it looking shiny and beautiful too.


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Bespoke Wood Flooring London employs some of the most skilled flooring technicians in all of London. They can design and install your bespoke household flooring in a professional and timely manner. Every purchase of our services comes with a quality guarantee. 

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Wood Flooring Essex

Wood Flooring Making Your Floors Dazzling

A constant change in life is quite necessary if everyone wishes to grow in life. Growing requires a positive environment. Some people keep themselves engrossed towards negative thoughts and dare not to take a positive step. Whether you are looking to make a growth in your business, or want to excel in your career or you have any other pursue any other activity you can start from bringing a change to the flooring pattern of your home. Are you a resident of Essex and looking for making a change to your boring monotonous floors?

If yes, then you can simply try wood flooring in Essex.It will bring a positive change in your monotonous life. So, want to delve into the beautiful world of wood flooring. Read on this blog further to know more about wood flooring. Are you looking forward to buying excellent quality Wood Flooring Bushey, Wood Flooring Harpenden, Wood Flooring Harlow, Wood Flooring Radlett, Wood Flooring Luton, Wood Flooring St Albans, Wood Flooring Hatfield, Wood flooring Potters Bar, Wood flooring Hemel Hempstead, Wood Flooring Welwyn Garden City, wood flooring Essex, wood flooring Surrey, wood flooring Hertfordshire, Wood Flooring Watford

Types of Wood Flooring:

If you have decided that wood flooring is the change you want to bring to your home then before taking any step you must be familiar with different types of wood flooring. It will bring you at an ease with choosing the perfect flooring pattern you can adorn your home or commercial enterprise with. So, let’s start with some important types of wood flooring.

Solid Wood Flooring: One of the most important types of wood flooring is solid hardwood flooring. The chief characteristic of solid wood flooring is that it is made from single piece of wood from top to bottom. Solid wood flooring is really comfortable for all the settings like rooms on the ground or above the ground. Solid hardwood floors enjoy unparalleled natural beauty and they are a perfect match with any décor. It does not matter whether you are living in whichever country of the world you can simply buy quality varieties of solid wood flooring. If you live in Essex then you can find a number of sellers catering to buyer’s requirements of wood flooring in Essex.

Laminate Wood Flooring: Laminate floor is actually made up of high density fiber board. It is also known as artificial flooring. There are numerous advantages of laminate flooring such as affordable prices and lasting durability and strength. It comes in a variety of styles. So, if you wish to enjoy all these benefits laminate flooring must be your only choice.

Engineered Wood Flooring: It consists of different layers of wood glued together at right angles. The biggest benefit of this kind of wood flooring is that it is not exposed to rust and humidity.

So, are you looking forward to buying excellent quality Wood Flooring in Essex ? If yes, then Timber zone is one of the best dealers in making your choice accomplished.

Also, we provide wood flooring services in Surrey, Watford, Bushey, Harpenden, Harlow, Luton, St Albans, Hatfield, Potters Bar, Hemel Hempstead, Welwyn Garden City.

Enhancing the Aesthetics of the Floors

There are various kinds of flooring that are available to décor the home. From ancient times till present people choose different kinds of wood flooring to decorate their home. One of the most sought-after flooring trends is engineered flooring. Due to its various features, engineered flooring is becoming extremely popular among the clients. As compared to the solid wood, the engineered flooring is extremely durable and environment-friendly. Engineered wood basically consists of three layers. The first layer is made up of the real wood. The bottom layer is also made up of wood. The layer which is in the middle is made up of plywood. If you reside in London, then you may know that there are so many vendors who offer versatile Engineered flooring prices in London.

Qualities That Make the Engineered Flooring the Ultimate Choice of Clients:

Moisture Resistant: Engineered flooring is widely preferred by the clients due to its appealing qualities. One of the qualities of engineered flooring is that it is moisture resistant. Therefore, engineering wood lasts long as compared to solid wood flooring.

Quite Comfortable: Engineered flooring is quite comfortable, as it is made up of wood so it gives a warmth touch and hence the persons applying hardwood flooring does not feel cold while on the surface. So, engineered wood is really preferred by the people.

Cost-Effective: The advantage of installing the engineered flooring in the rooms is that they are quite cost-effective option to install in any area. Moreover, they offer an ease of installation. So, it is crossing all the bars of popularity and steeped in the market as the most popular option.

Water Resistant: The advantage of installing the engineered flooring is that it possess water resistant property. It does not get corrode due to the presence of water.

These qualities make engineered wood flooring the first choice of the clients.

Are you looking for various dealers of Engineering Wood Flooring in London? If yes, then you may find a variety of dealers offering various pricing regarding the engineered flooring. The best organization that you would come to know about after your research for Engineered Flooring Prices in London is timber zone. Timber zone has provided its clients an era of excellence and the highest client satisfaction. Therefore, their clients really cheer their presence in the domain of engineering wood flooring.

Things That You Must Know About Engineered Timber Flooring Materials

When you are out choosing the flooring of your home, you are likely to come across the term engineered timber flooring at some point of time. Plenty of people use engineered timber flooring materials these days so it is not surprising that you may get intrigued by this product. Basically, engineered flooring is just what it states; it is engineered by a special group of experts by combining multiple layers of wood together. Among these layers, the topmost layer is actually 100% natural wood. This wood can be obtained from a variety of different species of trees. The bottom or lowest layer of the engineered flooring material is also wood. The middle section is made up of a core that is comprised of around 5-7 layers of plywood which are arranged in a crisscross manner in different directions.

The engineered timber flooring materials are known for their highly stable core which is not likely to contract, expand or shift even when exposed to humidity, moisture and temperature. Such benefits really make engineered wood flooring one of the best options when it comes to installing flooring materials in rooms which are subjected to moisture. They can be installed in rooms that have radiant heating systems or concrete slabs. It is therefore no surprise that this form of wooden flooring is often used in basements where there is always a high risk of exposure to moisture. They are also a popular choice for places and areas where solid hardwood flooring materials cannot be installed.

Another reason why many people choose to go for engineered timber flooring these days is that they often present greater durability and endurance features, particularly while dealing with moisture, humidity and temperature changes. Temperature alterations are one of the major reasons due to which wooden flooring materials can get damaged over the years. However, with engineered timber flooring that never seems to be a problem. Engineered wood materials can be easily sanded and refinished multiple times over the lifespan of the floor. So if you have a home, office or store area where humidity, moisture and temperature changes seems to be a major problem, you can easily go for this type of flooring material as it can ensure you smooth performance over the years. The layered construction of these flooring materials ensures greater stability against any kind of environmental changes. The premium engineered timber products always comes with warranty coverage which provides with the assurance of their performance.

There is yet another reason why this form of flooring product is more popular among many buyers and that is lower price. Generally, engineered timber flooring products tends to be much less expensive compared to solid hardwood products. While premium engineered timber collections that come a with thick hardwood top layer and features like enhanced durability and uniquely artistic designs that make it costlier than the average products, the standard versions are actually quite pocket friendly. The high performance engineered timber products are known for their solid pricing which is why they are favored by many consumers.

So if you choose to get engineered timber flooring products for your flooring needs, make sure that you get in touch with an Engineered Timber Flooring London manufacturer who can get you reliable products. These companies make use of innovative techniques to create these flooring products that can ensure reliable performance for many years. The leading manufacturers of these products can also offer you great choices in terms of the wood variations they come in, such as Maple, Oak, Hickory, Cherry, Birch and Walnut as well as exotic woods such as Acacia, African Mahogany, and Tiger wood.