Blanchon Liant Mastic Bois Resin Filler 1L


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Solvent-based wood filler based on synthetic resins


Blanchon Resin Filler has been specially formulated and developed for sealing joints, splits (up to 2mm), holes and small cracks (up to 3 mm, in several applications) in glued down wooden floors or wood panelling.

Resin Filler is recommended for general filling of glued wooden floors (in particular strip wood floors). Do not use on wooden floors laid on floor battens.Resin Filler dries and hardens quickly. Outstanding adhesion to most wood species.



Mix with the sawdust prior to fill scratches, cracks and dents in wooden floor, furniture and panelling
Excellent flexibility during use
Ultra fast drying time: ready to sand in 5 to 10 minutes
Outstanding adhesion – to be used only on bare and sanded wood
Apply using a wide spatula
Natural finish