Blanchon Oceanic Lacquer 5L – Satin

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INNOVATION: the 1st Wood Floor Varnish to purify indoor air

Single component and pure polyurethane, Océanic™ Air Protect® Floor Varnish provides very high resistance against chemical spillage and mechanical wear. It leaves the wood in its natural colour and enhances its tone. Using the latest technology, the Océanic™ formula is enhanced by a formaldehyde absorbing agent: INNOVATION Air Protect® Respecting Mankind and the Environment.


A water-based, polyurethane varnish for wood floors, parquets and staircases
INNOVATION Air Protect®: blocks 80% of formaldehyde emissions from the floor, absorbs up to 40% of formaldehyde emissions in the room
Highly resistant to wear, impact and scratching
Ready to use: single component
Build-up power and non-slip (tested in accordance with French standard EN 13036-4)
Very easy to use
For all types of wood
Quick return to use of the work area: 24 hours after the final coat