Intensiv Lacquer 5L - Natural
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Blanchon Intensiv Lacquer 5L - Natural

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Very high build 2-component lacquer, designed for heavy traffic areas


Intensiv™ is a very high-build 2-component polyurethane lacquer specifically designed for high-traffic areas. It is ideal for use in shops, offices, hotels, restaurants, conference rooms, schools, corridors, hallways. Its unique formulation has a quick curing time combined with exceptional resistance to spillage and wear and tear. It keeps the clear natural wood shade and it can be applied on most commonly used wood species and ti awarded the European  Cfl S1 for resistance against fire. 

Recommended for high-traffic areas
Very high build lacquer
Exceptional resistance to spillage and wear and tear
Awarded the European Cfl S1 to resistance against fire NEW
Awarded Gev-Emicode® EC1R for very low emissions