Bespoke Wood Flooring London

Are you looking for a unique household flooring design for specific rooms or spaces in your home? If so, then you need to use the bespoke wooden flooring design. Not only is it textured, but it offers a natural and personalised tone which blends perfectly with your home environment.

Here is what you get with every purchase of our bespoke wood flooring:

  • A Universal Tone for Any Home – No matter which colour scheme you select, it will have an earthy colour tone and texture. This particular tone goes with most home interior settings and appearances. You won’t need to do any home décor modifications after you install this flooring.
  • Several Colours and Sizes Available – Even with one earthy tone, you get up to four different colour style choices. There are also multiple sizes available to accommodate your specific home’s interior design. Your colour style choices are as follows:
  •  Forest Oak – A unique greenish-yellow texture which resembles the woodland oak trees of the forest. If you desire to create a natural and hospitable appearance in your household, then you’ll want to try the forest oak texture.
  • Lime Wash – A perfect reflection of a limestone texture: whiteish hue smeared with blackened line traces running across it. This will add a mixture of naturalness and vibrancy to your home.
  • Whisper Grey Oak – A wheat-like texture with a light brown colour. If you want comfort and style rolled into one design, then you’ll love coming home to this flooring texture after a hard day’s work.  
  • Black Oak – Give your flooring a blackened charcoal appearance to add extra suave and elegance to your home interior space. A perfect design to heighten the charming atmosphere of your home décor.
  •  Durable Material – Your bespoke wooden flooring will be constructed from FSC Certified European Oak. This is an extremely durable material which is resistant to most types of impact and damage. You’ll no longer need to worry about the deterioration of the floors.
  •  Finishing for Added Protection – To ensure that your bespoke floors have everlasting protection, our highly skilled finishing team applies a combination of natural oil, waxes, stains, and acids to the top surface layer. Not only will this finishing preserve the material, but it’ll also keep it looking shiny and beautiful too.


Act now!

Bespoke Wood Flooring London employs some of the most skilled flooring technicians in all of London. They can design and install your bespoke household flooring in a professional and timely manner. Every purchase of our services comes with a quality guarantee. 

Contact us to find out more information or to place an order for our unique bespoke wood flooring services.

Why You Should Consider Bespoke Wood Flooring for Your Home

When it comes to the design and build-up of our homes, we have a right to be selective. It’s where you live, grow, laugh, and love, over the years watching your family gather round the kitchen table and share in the memories. As you consider what you want this environment to look like, the floors, ceilings, walls, and so forth have a tremendous impact on your at-home experience.

More than anything, your floors can set the tone for the kind of aesthetic and overall feel, especially if you pursue bespoke designed wood flooring, customized to you and your preferences.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider bespoke wood flooring in the design of your home:

  1. Personal Customization: When you work with our team at TimberZone, we provide a variety of color options, hard-waxes, and more for a totally customized wood floor result. We understand that you might not want just another run-of-the-mill wood floor that everyone else has. That’s why we work with you to personally customize a wood texture and tone that you feel is reflective of your style and vision for your home.
  2. Durability: Investing in home floors can be expensive; it’s something you want to spend time considering before you make the final decision. Luckily, with wood flooring, it can last for over 100-years, making it the most durable material for a home floor available on the market today. Structurally sound and able to support your friends and family, you can rest assured that if you choose a TimberZone designed wood floor, you won’t have to worry about it for the remainder of your life.
  3. Easy Maintenance: As an on the go individual, you don’t have time to carefully clean and scrape away at your floors every single day. You need a solution that is easy to clean and take care of, no matter how many spills or scuff marks show up. Wood floors can withstand plenty of traffic, and with our hard-wax oil finishes, spills will come up in just one swipe with a paper towel or dish rag. Made of hard, withstanding wood, never worry about permanently destroying your floors again.


Here at TimberZone, we do everything custom for our clients, offering over 100 chemical-free hard-wax oils and bespoke color options that enable you to create the wood floor of your dreams. We keep an inclusive stock of floors that consist of popular, as well as incredibly rare, wood flooring Essex products. Our team of experts takes you through the best options so that you are able to make an informed, bespoke decision you feel good about. We also offer free floor samples so you can have the swatches laid out for a visual overview.

If you’re tasked with selecting the materials for a new home or apartment this year, consider the indisputable benefits and beauty of going with a Bespoke Wood Flooring UK – courtesy of us!