The Benefits of Wooden Flooring Over Tiles

Do you need to make a choice between wooden flooring and ceramic tiles? Each type of flooring has its pros and cons. For example, ceramic tiles are much cheaper materials than natural hardwood. However, there is something special about natural wooden flooring that ceramic tiles can never replicate. It offers a natural appearance to the inside of your home. Then you won’t feel so bad if you’re cooped up indoors for long periods of time.

Think about the wide variety of colours, patterns, and designs that are found on wood. You can even request engineered wood that has the style and design you want for your flooring. Furthermore, wooden flooring is so much easier to clean and maintain because its surface has been sanded and finished. This means you can easily wipe away dirt, debris, and food spills. 

Let’s go over the top 3 benefits of choosing wooden flooring over tiles.

1) Easy Installation

Ceramic tile requires you to make a lot of preparations before you lay down the tiling. Wooden flooring is much simpler to install because you lay the wood down, and that is it. If the wood has a tongue and groove to them, then it won’t be hard to fit the wood pieces together and glue them securely.

2) Warming Capabilities

If you ever want to install an underfloor heating system, then you can only do that if you have wooden flooring. Underfloor heating will not work with ceramic tiles. You may not care about having heated floors unless you’re tired of your feet being cold. 

3) More Durability

Tiling tends to crack very easily. If you plan to keep your flooring for a long time, then you will find that solid wood flooring is more durable. It can last for several years if you perform basic maintenance on it periodically. This means cleaning up messes and giving it the occasional polishing.


As you can see, wooden flooring is the best choice. Give up the ceramic tile flooring because it does not add value to your home. Natural wood flooring can add so much more value, which makes it the perfect investment to make.