Top Tips for Wood Floor Care

Many people assume that wood floors always stay clean and strong because they’re hard and sturdy. But you must think about the material of the flooring and how it is susceptible to damage without proper care. If you neglect your care and maintenance responsibilities, then your wood flooring will suffer the consequences.

It doesn’t take much effort to care for your wood floors. To help you get started, below are the top 4 tips for good wood floor care.

1) Vacuum Weekly

Vacuums are not just meant for carpets and rugs. Hardwood flooring also needs vacuuming because they accumulate dust and dirt particles that we don’t always see with the naked eye. Vacuums will suck up all those particles and keep your floor material looking spotlessly clean. The finishing will be protected and preserved, as well.

2) Don’t Use Water on the Floor

Hardwood floor finishing is very sensitive. If you were to put water on the finishing, then it would get ruined. In addition, the water seeps down into the grains and inner areas of the wood. This causes the wood to get damaged and turn ugly. Only use formulated cleaning treatments on your wood floors. Don’t use water to clean your floors, or else it’ll spell disaster for them.

3) Use the Right Wax

It is okay to use certain waxes on your wood flooring. The purpose of wax is to rejuvenate your flooring and keep it strong. For instance, if you have a polyurethane finish, then use a polyurethane-based polish. If you’re not sure which polish or finish to get, then just go with a general floor restoring treatment. Make sure it is formulated for wood. 

4) Use Throw Rugs 

Throw rugs are good to put on your wood flooring. They reduce wear to the wood, which is perfect if you normally have a lot of people walking on your floors. Make sure the throw rugs are not made from rubber or vinyl because they’ll cause humidity to get trapped in the wood. Not only will you have damaged finishing, but you’ll have damaged wood as well.