A Touch of Royalty for Your Place

When choosing for hardwood flooring, many pick walnut for its aesthetic beauty and appearance. The beauty of the walnut makes it a popular choice for not just floors but even for fine furnishings throughout the world. Walnut timber is one of the unique hardwood flooring option to choose. Initially, the surface of the walnut may seem dull, but as it ages it develops a lustrous sheen which makes walnut even more desirable as your flooring option.

The properties of the walnut wood make it easier to work with. It allows you to have options while installation as the nails grip well and it easily glued onto. The grains allows it to be easily sanded. The ultimate finishing of walnut hardwood flooring is truly mesmerizing and with each passing year as the wood ages, its beauty enhances to the fullest.

Add a certain luxurious appeal to your home

When choosing walnut as your hardwood flooring, there are variations from which you can choose from. There are three types of Walnut Wood Flooring;

  • Strip- This is the most popular choice
  • Plank- These are the widest segments
  • Parquet- These are with square panels that are used to create geometric designs and patterns. You can also opt for metal insertions even to add an edge to the whole flooring)

And, for the type of walnut wood, you can choose from American walnut, Brazillian Walnut, dark black Walnut Flooring, and Asian walnut.

With so many types of Walnut Wood Flooring London to choose from you will never run out of options. Choosing Walnut wood flooring is ideal as it increases the value of your property, in case, if you want to sell or rent your place. Hardwood Flooring is an attractive feature for prospective buyers and people looking for a place on rent.