What is the best parquet flooring?

Parquet flooring is a type of decorative wood flooring where wood pieces are arranged into a geometric pattern of some kind. You might see a series of triangle or square patterns on the wood floor. Sometimes they’re even positioned at any angle or curve to give them a more powerful appearance.

The most popular parquet flooring is square-shaped hardwood tiles. Each tile contains hardwood strips which are bonded to either a narrow plywood base or mesh. This is what you’ll see in most modern homes which have parquet flooring. However, you don’t need to limit yourself to what other people use for their flooring. You can hire skilled artisans to design you a custom parquet which most residential homes don’t have in them.

A custom parquet must be handcrafted by a professional artisan. They will cut each wood piece individually and then assemble the pieces together like a mosaic or puzzle. Your hardwood choices may include walnut, ash, chestnut, oak, and even bamboo. The more durable woods like walnut and bamboo are popular in wealthier homes. 

The design pattern of the parquet flooring is up to you. Some people think that triangle shapes provide a more professional tone to the environment. Square shapes are most common in homes and residential properties. If you’re going to have custom parquet flooring made, then at least have the artisan create one tile sample first and show it to you. Once you approve the sample, then you can have them create the rest.

If you’re on a tight budget, then oak is a more affordable parquet flooring material. Just don’t expect it to have the same durability as walnut or bamboo. But if you care more about colour and tone than durability, then oak can be an economical choice for your parquet flooring. You can always have the artisan stain the wood to any colour that you want.

The great thing about parquet flooring is that no two designs look exactly the same. Since the imagery is like a mosaic, you’re always going to see different wood pieces placed in different positions with each parquet floor that you see. It doesn’t matter how similar the shapes are. For this reason, it adds a unique value to your home if you simply choose the right floor pattern.