What is the most durable wood floor?

Wood is a popular choice for flooring due to its durability. But did you know that certain types of wood are more durable than others? The level of durability you’ll need for your wood depends on the conditions that it’ll be subjected to. If you have pets or children on your property, then you’ll want to focus on the durability of your wood flooring.

The level of hardness of a wood species is measured by using the Janka scale. Basically, the Janka scale measures how much force is required for a 0.444-inch steel ball to be embedded into a wood species in order to reach 50% of its diameter. The higher the number on the scale, the more durable the wood species is.

Below are 4 of the most durable hardwood species used for flooring. If you maintain these floors with the proper finishing, they’ll stay beautiful and last for a long time.

Brazilian Walnut

Brazilian walnut is definitely one of the hardest wood floors available. It has a 3,680 rating on the Janka scale. If you have a home with a lot of people walking and running around constantly, then Brazilian walnut flooring can handle this kind of consistent impact. You don’t really need to stain or seal the flooring either.


Hickory is another highly durable hardwood floor. It has a 1,820 rating on the Janka scale. Some people don’t like the appearance of hickory, but it does a good job as far as durability is concerned. It can withstand most scratches and dents.


Bamboo can rank anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 on the Janka scale. It all depends on whether you’re using standard bamboo boards or strand-woven composites. Even though bamboo is really grass, it is harder than a lot of other natural woods. A good durable finish will ensure it lasts a long time on your floors.

Red Oak

Red oak has a 1,300 score on the Janka scale. This is considered to be one of the softer hardwoods in comparison to the others. It can handle a few scratches and dents, but nothing too extensive. If you’ve never installed a hardwood floor before, then red oak might be a suitable starting point.