Top Tips for Wood Floor Care

Many people assume that wood floors always stay clean and strong because they’re hard and sturdy. But you must think about the material of the flooring and how it is susceptible to damage without proper care. If you neglect your care and maintenance responsibilities, then your wood flooring will suffer the consequences.

It doesn’t take much effort to care for your wood floors. To help you get started, below are the top 4 tips for good wood floor care.

1) Vacuum Weekly

Vacuums are not just meant for carpets and rugs. Hardwood flooring also needs vacuuming because they accumulate dust and dirt particles that we don’t always see with the naked eye. Vacuums will suck up all those particles and keep your floor material looking spotlessly clean. The finishing will be protected and preserved, as well.

2) Don’t Use Water on the Floor

Hardwood floor finishing is very sensitive. If you were to put water on the finishing, then it would get ruined. In addition, the water seeps down into the grains and inner areas of the wood. This causes the wood to get damaged and turn ugly. Only use formulated cleaning treatments on your wood floors. Don’t use water to clean your floors, or else it’ll spell disaster for them.

3) Use the Right Wax

It is okay to use certain waxes on your wood flooring. The purpose of wax is to rejuvenate your flooring and keep it strong. For instance, if you have a polyurethane finish, then use a polyurethane-based polish. If you’re not sure which polish or finish to get, then just go with a general floor restoring treatment. Make sure it is formulated for wood. 

4) Use Throw Rugs 

Throw rugs are good to put on your wood flooring. They reduce wear to the wood, which is perfect if you normally have a lot of people walking on your floors. Make sure the throw rugs are not made from rubber or vinyl because they’ll cause humidity to get trapped in the wood. Not only will you have damaged finishing, but you’ll have damaged wood as well. 

Bespoke Wood Flooring London

Are you looking for a unique household flooring design for specific rooms or spaces in your home? If so, then you need to use the bespoke wooden flooring design. Not only is it textured, but it offers a natural and personalised tone which blends perfectly with your home environment.

Here is what you get with every purchase of our bespoke wood flooring:

  • A Universal Tone for Any Home – No matter which colour scheme you select, it will have an earthy colour tone and texture. This particular tone goes with most home interior settings and appearances. You won’t need to do any home décor modifications after you install this flooring.
  • Several Colours and Sizes Available – Even with one earthy tone, you get up to four different colour style choices. There are also multiple sizes available to accommodate your specific home’s interior design. Your colour style choices are as follows:
  •  Forest Oak – A unique greenish-yellow texture which resembles the woodland oak trees of the forest. If you desire to create a natural and hospitable appearance in your household, then you’ll want to try the forest oak texture.
  • Lime Wash – A perfect reflection of a limestone texture: whiteish hue smeared with blackened line traces running across it. This will add a mixture of naturalness and vibrancy to your home.
  • Whisper Grey Oak – A wheat-like texture with a light brown colour. If you want comfort and style rolled into one design, then you’ll love coming home to this flooring texture after a hard day’s work.  
  • Black Oak – Give your flooring a blackened charcoal appearance to add extra suave and elegance to your home interior space. A perfect design to heighten the charming atmosphere of your home décor.
  •  Durable Material – Your bespoke wooden flooring will be constructed from FSC Certified European Oak. This is an extremely durable material which is resistant to most types of impact and damage. You’ll no longer need to worry about the deterioration of the floors.
  •  Finishing for Added Protection – To ensure that your bespoke floors have everlasting protection, our highly skilled finishing team applies a combination of natural oil, waxes, stains, and acids to the top surface layer. Not only will this finishing preserve the material, but it’ll also keep it looking shiny and beautiful too.


Act now!

Bespoke Wood Flooring London employs some of the most skilled flooring technicians in all of London. They can design and install your bespoke household flooring in a professional and timely manner. Every purchase of our services comes with a quality guarantee. 

Contact us to find out more information or to place an order for our unique bespoke wood flooring services.

Selecting and Installing Hardwood Floors

Are you renovating your house and stuck having to choose between engineered hardwood flooring and solid hardwood flooring? This is a common problem that many homeowners face because they’re both so similar.

Most professional flooring companies will tell you to choose engineered hardwood flooring. It is comprised of a hardwood upper layer that is bonded to lower base layers which prevent floor shifting. Solid hardwood flooring is comprised of planks that were cut from solid wood pieces. There are no separate layers to these planks like there are with engineered flooring.

The only downside to engineered flooring is its surface cannot be refinished or sanded down because it’s too thin for these actions. If you install the engineered flooring someplace with a lot of people or heavy items consistently on the surface, then the flooring won’t last very long. Engineered flooring is better for environments with fewer people.

Solid hardwood flooring has a more durable surface because the entire piece is one wooden layer. You just need to worry about the contraction cycles of the wood. However, you could install the solid hardwood planks over concrete or plywood to make it more like engineered flooring.

The Installation Process

After you’ve chosen the hardwood flooring that you want, the next step is the installation of the flooring. Usually, you nail or staple down the solid hardwood flooring and glue or mechanically fasten down the engineered hardwood flooring. It all depends on the thickness, construction, and width of your wood planks. If you’re installing a hardwood floor for the first time, you might want to have a more experienced person assisting you.

The first step is to acclimatise the wood planks in the room where the installation will take place. This means leaving the wood in the room for a couple of days in order to get accustomed to the environment and its moisture content. Try to keep the humidity between 35% and 55%. 

Read the instructions of the installation carefully. Some video tutorials online are also available to assist you. Clean and dry your subflooring before the installation. If you already have ceramic or marble tiling on the ground, then you can just install the engineered hardwood flooring over it with adhesives. If you’re nailing down solid hardwood flooring, then put vinyl tiles or a vinyl sheet down first.

For expert advice get in touch with the TimberZone team to help you with the installation of your wood flooring.

Hire A Professional For A Flawless Flooring Project

With time, the brand new house which you moved into turns shabby. And, in no time you are thinking about remodeling your gloomy place. The first thing that catches the eye when anyone sets foot inside your house is the flooring. Tiles tend to get old and wear out, making them look not only unpresentable but also seem to be unsafe for the residents living in your house.

Replacing the old chipped away tile with hardwood flooring ensures safety in the house and also a great way to increase the value of your place. When it comes to hiring the services of a professional in the flooring or go for a DIY, most prefer the latter. As the new trend, everyone opts for a DIY (do it yourself ) approach, which comes with full detailed descriptions and how to proceed, there are still a lot many tasks that require the precision and perfection of a professional or expert.

Involvement of a structured and organized floor planning

Every flooring project is different, and deciding what your flooring project requires is necessary to proceed further. Whether you will remove the carpeting of the entire floor and install wood in every room of the floor or simply refinish the wood in a certain area? Do your plans include changing the flooring of the staircase?

There is a timeframe involved with the completion of the entire project with your requirements. And, you need to complete the project within the stipulated amount of time because you cannot take an entire month off from your work just to do the flooring. The professional Wood Flooring Company is experienced and capable to complete the project in a timeframe which is a lot less than yours and that too the would undertake the entire project with perfection.

An accurate cost of the flooring

If your expectations exceed the flooring cost in between, you might end up in a crisis. So a proper estimation is always essential. In this regard, a professional flooring team will be able to give you the approximate estimate, thus giving you a clear picture of your expenditure. You do not want to end up with a half did floor. Isn’t it? Moreover, figuring out the right budget of the flooring is quite significant. This is what helps you get the idea of whether you will go on to hire a professional company or go for a DIY instead. Also, consider the type of tools, equipment, and supplies that are necessary to work with the wooden floorings.

There is a big question mark on your own skills and abilities

If you are thinking of starting with the flooring of your house, reconsider your skills and abilities. The unbeatable precision and perfection delivered by a professional wood flooring company are way better than what you can accomplish. This is because it is their job to flawlessly complete the flooring project, and it is what they are charging you for. So on any given day, hiring a Professional Wood Flooring Company is your best option.

Focus On The Foundation Of A Room

The flooring of the house is an important factor to consider when you are planning to create a certain style in and around your home. A hardwood floor is both alluring and pleasingly warm to walk on. The three fundamental characteristics that together create the feeling of a room are; walls, ceiling, and floor. How these features interact with each other can change the feel of a room completely. The floor is where function meets style and fashion.

The foundation of the room starts with the flooring

The floor is so much more than something we are walking on. You can repaint your walls and the ceiling, but the floor is something of a permanent nature. For something which is this important and needs to last a lifetime, wood flooring is an excellent choice to consider as a flooring option. The color, the appearance, the pattern, and the hardness of the wooden surface varies a lot from species to species.

To choose the best-matching wood for the flooring of your home, visit a Showroom in London for Wood Flooring. Get a feel of the wood floorings and a real-time view to help you make a better choice.

And why should Wood Flooring be the best option?

The most obvious reason for choosing Wood as your flooring is it is everlasting. Wooden floors are never going to be just a fading way trend. The countless options make it a more popular choice as it is easier to find a match for every home, irrespective of its style. Be it a traditional or contemporary, every home has a match.

Wooden Floors add value to your property apart from adding the never-ending sheen. Plus, it is bacteria free as it does not harbor mold, fungi, and dust mites and does not trap the fumes and dust. So live every day in a clean bacteria-free environment!

Give Your House A Timeless Touch

If you are contemplating on renovating your home, then there is probably a lot going on. Flooring is an integral part of any house. It is one of the foremost things when it comes to remodeling your home. The choice of right flooring should obviously be durable while being aesthetically appealing. The flooring should also match with the interiors of the house. Wooden flooring is one of the most classic and traditional forms of flooring. With proper care and maintenance, wooden flooring has the potential to last a lifetime or even more than a lifetime.

Going with the natural choice

Wooden flooring definitely adds warmth to the place, both to the eyes and the ambiance. Tiles are cold to the feet. Woods maintains a comfortable temperature in the room and will not make you freeze every time you accidentally put your foot on the ground. Moreover, wooden flooring automatically increases the aesthetic of the room. It has the potential to turn a dull shabby room into a classic versatile room, where you are spending your day comfortably.

Wood flooring is renewable and environmentally friendly. Which means there is no dust or germs trapped in any cracks. Wood is durable enough to endure any amount of heavyweight items. There is no cracking or chipping of the floor as in case of tiles.

If all the reasons are not enough, then consider the fact that wooden flooring increases the value of your house in case, if you want to sell it or rent it.

Finished with ultimate perfection

Wood flooring has a timeless beauty, antiquity, and versatility revolving around it. The final flooring is undeniably spellbinding as it adds warmth to the entire place. Consider Wood Flooring London to witness the timeless beauty lay down. You will have a flooring that will last your lifetime and will never go out of trend.

Wood Flooring: Changing the Decor of Your Old-Fashioned Home

Have you been exasperated bylooking at the same monotonous floors of your home? You are looking forward to change it but it seems impossible as you are not getting any apt ways regarding it. Got really bored from tile flooring and looking forward to have some creative amendment to this system. Well, wood flooring has emerged as a great substitute to it. As far as wood flooring is concerned, it can be applied to give a dashing look and appeal to the interiors of your home.

If you live in Surrey, then you may be aware that there are lots of companies of Wood Flooring in Surrey. All you need is to apply your acumen and choose the unique services if you wish to make your home look appealing. Why the use of wood flooring is speeding up these days? Do you want to dig into the benefits of using wood flooring? So, let’s catch up the benefits of looking at the wood flooring.

Benefits of Wood Flooring:

Getting desperate to know the benefits of wood flooring. Hold your breath and learn some amazing benefits of wood flooring.

  • Long Lasting: If stability is your topmost concern then wood flooring is a great choice for you. As compared to tiles wood flooring is a great choice as it remains stable and long lasting for years. Thus, it is quite good to consider wood flooring in your home.
  • Effective and Easy Cleaning: Another benefit of using wood flooring is that can be easily cleaned, consumes much less time and requires no specific operations to clean it.
  • Gives a Dashing Look: If you are looking for something really different, then wood flooring is a great idea as it goes well with any home décor under the sun. So, you can choose from the sundries of designs of wood flooring that can create wonders.
  • Crank up the Selling Value: If you are planning to sell your home in future then investing in wood floors in Surrey is a great idea as it cranks up the selling value of your home. So, don’t think twice and just invest in wood flooring at present to make your future bright.

So, these are some of the crazy benefits of wood flooring.

Are you also impressed by the majestic aura of wood floors and are hunting for wood floor in Surrey? If yes, then Timber Zone is the great choice for you as it offers a great combination of quality and unique combinations.

Wood Flooring Essex

Wood Flooring Making Your Floors Dazzling

A constant change in life is quite necessary if everyone wishes to grow in life. Growing requires a positive environment. Some people keep themselves engrossed towards negative thoughts and dare not to take a positive step. Whether you are looking to make a growth in your business, or want to excel in your career or you have any other pursue any other activity you can start from bringing a change to the flooring pattern of your home. Are you a resident of Essex and looking for making a change to your boring monotonous floors?

If yes, then you can simply try wood flooring in Essex.It will bring a positive change in your monotonous life. So, want to delve into the beautiful world of wood flooring. Read on this blog further to know more about wood flooring. Are you looking forward to buying excellent quality Wood Flooring Bushey, Wood Flooring Harpenden, Wood Flooring Harlow, Wood Flooring Radlett, Wood Flooring Luton, Wood Flooring St Albans, Wood Flooring Hatfield, Wood flooring Potters Bar, Wood flooring Hemel Hempstead, Wood Flooring Welwyn Garden City, wood flooring Essex, wood flooring Surrey, wood flooring Hertfordshire, Wood Flooring Watford

Types of Wood Flooring:

If you have decided that wood flooring is the change you want to bring to your home then before taking any step you must be familiar with different types of wood flooring. It will bring you at an ease with choosing the perfect flooring pattern you can adorn your home or commercial enterprise with. So, let’s start with some important types of wood flooring.

Solid Wood Flooring: One of the most important types of wood flooring is solid hardwood flooring. The chief characteristic of solid wood flooring is that it is made from single piece of wood from top to bottom. Solid wood flooring is really comfortable for all the settings like rooms on the ground or above the ground. Solid hardwood floors enjoy unparalleled natural beauty and they are a perfect match with any décor. It does not matter whether you are living in whichever country of the world you can simply buy quality varieties of solid wood flooring. If you live in Essex then you can find a number of sellers catering to buyer’s requirements of wood flooring in Essex.

Laminate Wood Flooring: Laminate floor is actually made up of high density fiber board. It is also known as artificial flooring. There are numerous advantages of laminate flooring such as affordable prices and lasting durability and strength. It comes in a variety of styles. So, if you wish to enjoy all these benefits laminate flooring must be your only choice.

Engineered Wood Flooring: It consists of different layers of wood glued together at right angles. The biggest benefit of this kind of wood flooring is that it is not exposed to rust and humidity.

So, are you looking forward to buying excellent quality Wood Flooring in Essex ? If yes, then Timber zone is one of the best dealers in making your choice accomplished.

Also, we provide wood flooring services in Surrey, Watford, Bushey, Harpenden, Harlow, Luton, St Albans, Hatfield, Potters Bar, Hemel Hempstead, Welwyn Garden City.

World Leading Wood Flooring Company in London

Nothing remains constant in this world and this is the beauty of this world that various trends come and shake the world with their amazing presence. With the passage of time, they disappear and new trends take their place. This is specifically true in case of the interior designing trends, floor designs, and exterior of the house. If you go more specific and talk about the evolving trends in the floor designs then you will notice that now a day’s wood flooring is widely preferred in the context of the wood flooring.

Wood flooring has surpassed all the popular trends and has become the first choice of the household residents and other sorts of professionals. The main point to note is that access to wood flooring is also quite easy as there is a variety of Wood Flooring Company in London that can fulfill your demands.

Benefits of Using Wooden Flooring on the Floors:

Using wooden flooring offers so many benefits that make it the very first preference of the clients. Some of the main benefits are discussed below:

  • Ease of Installation: Wooden flooring provides an ease of installation as compared to the cumbersome procedure of laying tiles. Exclusively in a tongue and groove system where two flat surfaces are joined strongly to use them as a single surface installation of wooden flooring provides awesome advantages.
  • A Boon for Winters: One important point that makes wooden flooring the first choice of the clients is that it provides a warm temperature that soothes the feet in winter. As compared to the tiles, which impart a cold touch to the feet in the winters.
  • Available in Versatile Designs: One of the most important factors that make people mad after the wooden flooring is that it is available in various innovative designs and different color combinations. They can create a mesmerizing and effective look and appeal to the home.
  • Affordable and Lasts Longer: As wood flooring is manufactured from the tree-wood, so it is quite cheap in cost and lasts longer. In fact, it provides a great finishing touch to the floors that is really recommended by all.

Affordable and lasts longer: As wood flooring is manufactured from the tree-wood, so it is quite cheap in cost and lasts longer. In fact, it provides a great finishing touch to the floors that is really recommended by all.

Are you looking for some great trends of the wood flooring? If you desire the best options from the available options then timber zone is the perfect choice for you. Timber Zone gives a variety of options to its customer and once they choose the service they can really enjoy their decision.

Commercial Wood Flooring

Hardwood floors appear to be extraordinary in any kind of setting, and that comprise commercial setting like offices and retails. In the event that you are putting in new floor alternative for your office or retail space, see the advantages if commercial hardwood flooring.


A hardwood floor can stand up to loads of pedestrian activity, which is vital in commercial settings where individuals work and shop each day. With legitimate support, your hardwood floors will keep going quite a while.

Upgrade esteem

By embedding’s the hardwood floors upgrade the estimation of your office. If the time comes to move to a greater retail space or move to another office, hardwood floor will be alluring to potential purchasers and enable you to request a higher cost.

Simple to Keep up

Hardwood floors are anything but difficult to clean and keep up. It requires vacuum and once in a while utilize an expert cleaning item.

On a finishing up take note of, these are a portion of the advantages of commercial hardwood flooring. Now the next question that pop-ups in mind are from which shop to purchase Commercial Wood Flooring in London, as the market is overwhelmed with furniture stores and this creates perplexity among individuals from where to purchase. Well, nowadays offline stores have begun online business moreover. As they realize that in present-day age individuals are leaning toward online as opposed to going physically to offline stores. To discover the best furniture store online, type the keyword into the search engine bar and all the best organizations will show up before you. Ensures, before choosing any store, read the client reviews and the material from which items are made. Hence, these are a portion of the essential things that must be remembered at the time of acquiring furniture online.