Blanchon Performer 5L – Satin

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Performer® is a single-component wood floor lacquer of a new generation, in the aqueous phase, based on polyurethane resins. The first lacquer in the aqueous phase featuring the advantages of solvent-based lacquers.


Performer® has been developed in accordance with the most modern technology, it has a creamy consistency that ensures optimal application.


The lacquer perfectly highlights the charm of all wood floors (in living rooms, bedrooms, lounges, on stairs, etc.), giving them a warm shade, as in the case of solvent-based lacquers, but without the release of tannins. Performer® features all the advantages of lacquers in the aqueous phase as well as the durability and resistance of solvent-based lacquers.


Gives the wood a beautiful warm shade just like the solvent-based products.
Does not create the effect of thick coating.
Blocks tannins
Excellent resistance and perfect filling
It is possible to use the rooms 2x sooner thanks to the fast drying time.
Creamy consistency
Guarantee of optimal application