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Parquet Flooring is simply a material used in Parquetry (Geometric patterns). The effects over a given area are highly impressive and can often fool the eye into thinking that a three-dimensional image has been created. Herringbone and Chevron flooring are both styles of parquet flooring and are incredibly popular. Those of a certain age may think of these floors and think” School Corridors/ Libraries”. But it does nt have to be that way. Longer and wider block sizes, Prime grading (no Knots) and vibrant or industrial finishing can give an ultra-modern and fresh look and the same traditional patterns can be made to look almost futuristic. Even the traditional Herringbone style can be altered to , for example, double herringbone, angled, Basket Weave or even brick pattern.

Our Offerings

Timberzone offers a huge range of sizes, grades and thicknesses, as well as our trademark bespoke finishing. We can offer both solid and engineered formats (so underfloor heating need not be an issue) and as with all our products, we can provide Expert Installation.

Many people like to incorporate further design elements into a parquet floor, Borders, inlays in different materials, even centre features.

Timberzone can facilitate almost any specification on its flooring and welcome any enquiries, no matter how abstract.