At Timberzone, we do all possible to guide you through the design stage.  Not sure what you want? Our expert team will provide you with everything from plank sizes to varied designs such as parquet and herringbone, border options and even bespoke colour choices. Extremely experienced in our craft, creating beautiful floors is what we do. We understand that your flooring will only look as good as it should when the design is perfect which is why our comprehensive design service ensures total satisfaction all of the time. Our flooring designs are detailed and comprehensive, always to scale and bespoke to suit you. We listen to your needs, ensuring that you receive a flooring design that matches them precisely.

Planning & Installation

Planning and installation is all part of the service and our way of ensuring that your whole project runs smoothly. Planning will be precise and controlled and once your flooring is delivered, our skilled installation team will get to work, fitting your floor perfectly. Preparation processes will be made in advance and work will proceed in a carefully controlled but speedy way. We fit according to your needs so whatever timeslot suits you, we will adhere to it. Working in accordance with Health and Safety, all of our team are insured and experts in the field of flooring planning and installation. We will keep the site tidy and clean and once the work is finished, we will leave your floor ready to use, looking amazing.

Maintenance & Floor Sanding

We offer a full flooring maintenance and repair service that brings old floors back to thier former glory. Things like scratches, marks and damaged areas will be a thing of the past once our team get to work on your old floor. Even for your new floor, we provide a full repair and correction service; accidents can happen and even the best wooden flooring can suffer due to wear and tear. Our flooring team have a vast amount of expertise when it comes to maintenance and repairs of your floor, no matter where they are located. Sourcing matching boards is never a problem and your finished repair will look as good as new and as beautiful as it is meant to be.