1.1 The Company refers to Timberzone Design Ltd.

1.2 The Customer refers to the business customer or consumer of the Company.

1.3 The ‘Contract’ refers to any contract for sale of goods and or services by the Company to the Customer

1.4 The Goods’ and ‘Services’ refer to any materials or services forming the subject of the contract and all components therein.


2.1 All quotations by the Company are subject to acceptance within 28 days. The Company reserves the right to withdraw a quotation at any time before it has been accepted by the Company. No quotation issued by the company shall constitute an offer to supply goods.

2.2 Verbal quotations for stock availability are correct at the time given by the Company, but unless confirmation of an order, along with received payment is given by the Customer, the Company cannot guarantee stock availability.

2.3 Quotations are only valid in writing & signed by authorized personnel , or in the form of a pro-forma invoice.


3.1 It is the Customers responsibility to provide adequate labour for unloading. The Company may from time to time be able to provide labour at a pre-agreed charge.

3.2 The Company has no responsibility or liability for the unloading of goods on site or for the storage and security of such goods.

3.3 The Company can refuse delivery to site if it is deemed dangerous to the driver.

3.4 The Customer is responsible for any costs incurred during delivery due to restrictions (parking/loading etc..)

3.5 The driver can refuse delivery in the absence of a signature for receipt from an authorized person as proof of delivery.

3.6 If a delivery is refused or nobody accepts the order , re-delivery will be charged at twice the original cost. If the original cost of delivery was wavered, re-delivery will be charged at a minimum cost of £50.00.

3.7 A 25% handling fee will be charged on all returned goods. No damaged ,defaced or opened goods will be accepted.


4.1 Goods will be charged at the prices current at the time of dispatch.

4.2 The price list is not an offer. The Company can reject any order. The Company is not bound by an order until an official acknowledgement letter has been raised.

4.3 All goods and services remain the property of the Company until paid for in full

4.4 If goods or services are not paid for the Company reserves the right to enter the Customer s premises to retrieve/reverse the goods/services.

4.5 If the Customer fails to pay for goods/services or stops payment, the Company has the right to claim legal fees and any other costs as a result of the Customer s failure to pay.


5.1 “Installation” means laying a floor to a sound subfloor. The Company will require additional payments should sub-floor prep work be required.

5.2 Running of cables and services is not the responsibility of the Company. Should a fitter agree to undertake this type of task, no responsibility or liability will be accepted by either the Company or it s representatives

5.3 No responsibility or liability will be accepted by the company for damage to cables or pipes that are not fitted to building regulations.

5.4 A Customer Satisfaction form is issued by the fitter at the end of each job. Once the Customer has signed this document as being satisfied, the document constitutes confirmation the works have been carried out to the Customers expectations.


6.1 Samples: each piece of wood is unique in grain and colour and therefore cannot be accurately representative of a full floor.

6.2 The Company may at it s discretion suspend or terminate the supply of any goods /services, if the client fails to make payment or defaults in any of their obligations under the contract or any other agreement with the company.

6.3 The company accepts no financial responsibility for late deliveries or delays in job starts. The company will not accept penalty clauses or payment reductions unless agreed in writing and signed by a Director of the Company.

6.4 Any claim for damaged goods delivered or goods delivered in the wrong size ,quantity or description must be made within 24 hours of receipt.

6.5 We do not store credit card details