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Timberzone offer a stunning range of Design Panels in both Solid and Engineered formats. Versailles panels, for example, date back to the late 17th Century and are as popular today as they have ever been. As with all our designs, they ooze sophistication and make a real and dramatic statement. We can use single raw materials (often Oak) but can also produce mixed wood patterns (eg Oak and Walnut/ Walnut and Maple) , we can even incorporate metals (e.g. brass) into the design.

We offer a very specialized service but, as with all our products, have an exiting range of our own.

Not all panels need to be framed, we can produce panels that, once laid together, will continue a given design onto the next board which will allow any given design to “flow” across the entire floor.

As with our engineered flooring, many of the designs can be bespoke finished (coloured, aged etc…). The styles range from Aged and distressed, traditional and ultra-modern so will work in any environment.

The absolute jewel in the crown is that we have a source of BOG OAK. These are fallen trees that have been salvaged from Peat Bogs, swamps, rivers and lakes. The wood has been naturally carbonized in an environment with almost no oxygen and high mineral content sometimes for as much as 6000 years!. Its very rare that you will see design panels made from this material, but we have it.

As with any floor, the product is only as good as its installation and we have superbly skilled installers to complete the work for you.