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Timberzone take the eco system seriously. All our floors come from sustainable sources where re-growth is actively encouraged. Reclaimed flooring though, makes no further footprint as it is a re-cycled material. Its not simply the re-use of old floors, it’s the use of many different wood products and re-formatting them into flooring. Old wooden buildings, certain styles of fencing. Old Boats etc. Care must be taken in ensuring no hazardous products (eg creosote) are evident but , that aside, most existing wood products could potential make for a great floor.

Timberzone have supplied and installed many reclaimed floors as well as refurbishing existing old floors. In particular we have provided a large number of reclaimed parquet floors . These have been salvaged from Old Factories, school, public buildings etc. and are available in otherwise protected species of hard and softwood.

Installation of reclaimed parquet flooring is incredibly time consuming and this is reflected in the pricing

Wheter its new or reclaimed floors you want Timberzone are committed to providing first rate materials and industry leading installation