Bog Oak

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Bog Oak is a wood which is more rare than diamond. If you ask 1 000 people: „What is Bog Oak?”, only 1 or 2 persons will know it. It is the most expensive wood on earth, only kauri can rival with it. In times of reiging of Tsar Peter I, having Bog Oak floor or furniture was punished with death. Searching it and mining from rivers, lakes, swamps and gravel pits is a very complicated and expensive process, could be compared to looking for treasures. In this wood there is nothing which could feed the borer. In about 1 000 years it will look the same like today. Maybe it will have more cracks, but it will be suitable for further processing.

Bog Oak gives back energy it acumulated over the centuries. In opinion of one of bioenergotherapeutists it has healing properties. Having it at home helps keep the well-being and maintain good condition. Popularity of Bog Oak increased in last few years. We decided to released a product which will be suitable for a wider group of clients. That is the reason why we have made floors with 4-6 mm of Bog Oak top layer.