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Hardwood flooring doesn’t always need to be solid hardwood. For some time now, there has been a growing trend in the number of homeowners who’ve requested engineered wood flooring for some area of their home’s interior.

Why do you think engineered hardwood flooring is becoming more of a popular choice than traditional solid hardwood flooring? Is it better quality?

Engineered wood flooring is genuine hardwood bonded to a multi-layered backboard. The backboard stabilises the hardwood and minimises the movement of the top layer. That means you can expect minimal shrinkage and expansion or twisting and buckling. The same cannot be said for traditional hardwood, which often incurs these types of issues.

Timberzone’s engineered hardwood and backboards are suitable for Underfloor Heating. The one problem with solid hardwood is that it gets so cold when there are low temperatures outside. If you’re walking around your home barefoot, then you’ll feel the coldness very quickly on your feet. Underfloor heating is not compatible with solid hardwood either, so you’re stuck. 

However, if you choose Timberzone’s engineered wood flooring to go with your underfloor heating system, then you can enjoy a warm sensation on your feet each time you step barefooted on the hardwood. 

Engineered flooring is available in much wider and longer lengths than solid flooring because it is so stable. There is no “cupping” or “crowning” like you see with solid flooring. You can cover much more square feet of living space if you choose engineered flooring. It is easier to customise to the size which suits your needs best.

At Timberzone, we appreciate the importance of selecting the best manufacturers that we can find. We look at the source and age of the top layer of hardwood and make sure it is more mature. The materials that are used to create the backboards must also be dense and mature, even the adhesives that are used to bond the layers together. All this ensures that our clients are buying a finished product that will last them for a very long time.

The quality of our products is not the only thing that we look at closely. Timberzone’s products are scrutinised for environmental and sustainable qualities. Since we want to do our part in protecting the environment by ensuring our materials come from a sustainable source, this kind of quality control is very important to us. Before we choose a manufacturer to do business with, we always evaluate their materials by holding them to the following strict criteria: 

  • Are the materials from a recognised sustainable source?
  • Are the bonding materials safe for both the environment and the end-user?
  • Are the factories offering their workforce acceptable working conditions?

All the engineered wood flooring that we offer to you meets these criteria and more. Our clients are always more than satisfied because they have peace of mind and an extra bit of confidence that they’re choosing a supplier that cares about their reputation as well as the extent of their customer’s satisfaction with them.

Some of the engineered wood flooring colour texture schemes that we have available include brown oak, golden hand-scraped oak, natural oak, invisible oil oak, natural walnut, and smoky brown. Every one of these earthy colour schemes blends beautifully with virtually all indoor environments.

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