Engineered wood flooring has, for some time now, been a more popular choice than solid when introducing Hardwood flooring into your design, but why?

It is genuine hardwood bonded to a multi-layered backboard. The back board stabilizes the hardwood and so minimizes movement of the top layer. This means minimal shrinkage and expansion or twisting and buckling.

Timberzone s engineered boards are suitable for Underfloor Heating.

Engineered flooring is available in much wider and longer lengths than solid, because it is so stable, therefore “cupping” or “crowning” is avoided

At Timberzone, we appreciate the importance of selecting the best manufactures we can find. We look at the source and age of the top layer ( the more mature the wood, the denser it tends to be), The materials that are used to create the back boards, even the adhesives that are used to bond the layers together. All this ensures that our clients are buying a finished product that is high quality and very durable.

But it is not just our product s build quality that we look so closely at. Timberzone s products are scrutinized for Environmental and sustainable qualities: These are some of the criteria that determine our choice of manufacture:

• Are the materials from a recognized sustainable source?
• Are the bonding materials safe for both the environment and the end user.?
• Are the factories offering their workforce acceptable working conditions?

Our engineered wood flooring meets all of our criteria which means our clients can have peace of mind and feel confident that they are choosing a supplier that cares about their reputation as well as well as their customers satisfaction

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