The Benefits of Choosing Bespoke Wood Flooring for Your London Home

So, you’ll be flooring your London home sometime soon but can’t quite choose easily from the many options before you. You’ve got Timberzone on the one hand, with excellent bespoke wood flooring options for your home, and on the other side, you have sellers like Wicks, B&Q, etc offering to sell you equally excellent off-the-rack wood floor products as well.

Well, considering the diversity and variety of options we’ve got today, anyone can become easily confused between choosing whether to go for bespoke flooring or off the shelf options. But the truth is; when you carefully consider both of these options, you’ll definitely see the better option in bespoke wooding floors like the ones offered by Timberzone.

But, what makes bespoke wood floors better than off the shelve options?

Firstly, there is a reason most people would prefer wood flooring in London for their home.

Wood floors come across as highly durable, highly appealing, and they have this warmth and luxurious feel. So, when you put choice, variability, and flexibility into the mix, you’re sure you’re really onto something special. In all honesty, this added variability of styles and choice is why bespoke wood flooring products like the one we produce here at Timberzone appear to be a far more appealing option to most homeowners than having to live with a specific off-the-rack design and style.

Variable style, size, and design advantage

When you buy your wood floors from off-the-shelf outlets, you’re automatically going to have to live with a factory-finished style and design you have little to no control over. Whether this is able to fit perfectly into your home’s setting is something you’ll have to find out and do separately but with Timberzone bespoke wood flooring in London, the story is a whole lot different.

Timberzone wood flooring is made to your taste

You want a unique design for your unique home and only bespoke wood flooring in London guarantees that. Your choice of flooring is made to your unique taste to satisfy your demands. This way, you are able to overcome all of the limitations that will usually come with off-the-rack flooring products.

Your choice regarding style, size, wood design, and others are virtually unlimited and you have control over your choice of flooring to a reasonable extent. Timberzone offers and order sample service that allows you to order samples from the order page to be delivered free of charge to your doorstep. This means you get to match or compare different colours, styles, woodgrain, etc, to help your decision-making process prior to your floor installation.

Final thoughts

With Timberzone, you’re easily to choose from different styles and options of beautiful wood floors for your wood floor installation in London. On top of these, you still get the price match service as well for price and specifications comparison to ensure you get better flexibility with your choice of price as well.

When you factor in all of these, you’ll easily see why bespoke wood flooring in London has become the preferred choice for many homeowners. It’s a great way to choose your best options as far as flooring is concerned. You’ll be easily able to create your own masterpiece and your wood floor can perfectly reflect your taste and personality unlike what you’ll get with off-the-shelf flooring options.