The Benefits of Parquet Flooring

If you like mosaic artwork and geometric patterns and shapes, then you’ll love parquet flooring. This type of wood flooring consists of several different wood pieces that form various shapes, such as triangles and squares. The colours, tones, and shapes of every parquet floor are designed to look different than other parquet floors. Your home’s flooring will look unique and distinctive from the rest.

Are you wondering if parquet flooring would look good in your home? Perhaps the following top 5 benefits of parquet flooring will convince you to get it installed immediately.

1) Affordable Cost

The top layer of your parquet flooring is your only big expense. Since no one sees the lower layers of the flooring, you can use more affordable materials to make them. The overall cost of your parquet flooring will be considerably less than comparable flooring types.

2) Reduce Allergens

You might think rugs and carpets are more comfortable on your feet, but you must realise they’re storing all sorts of dirt and debris in them. They’re even storing allergens in their fibres too. These allergens may get worse if you have animals or children in your home. But if you use more wood flooring instead, then allergens and debris will have nowhere to hide.

3) More Stability

Parquet flooring consists of three wood layers. Each layer is cut and trimmed at 90° angles so that they remain stable and don’t move. It is important to have stable flooring because it reduces the chances of trip and fall accidents. It also keeps the flooring more secure and strong, as well.

4) Originality 

Parquet flooring can really personalise a home environment because of the originality in its design. There are so many customisation options pertaining to the grains, materials, colouring, and patterns of these floors. You can just tell the installer what you want, and they’ll accommodate your wishes.

5) Attractiveness

The shapes, patterns, and colours of parquet floors make them fun to look at and admire. Anyone who visits your home won’t be able to take their eyes off your incredible looking flooring. If it’s a potential buyer, they may want to make you an offer right there.