Wood Flooring: Changing the Decor of Your Old-Fashioned Home

Have you been exasperated bylooking at the same monotonous floors of your home? You are looking forward to change it but it seems impossible as you are not getting any apt ways regarding it. Got really bored from tile flooring and looking forward to have some creative amendment to this system. Well, wood flooring has emerged as a great substitute to it. As far as wood flooring is concerned, it can be applied to give a dashing look and appeal to the interiors of your home.

If you live in Surrey, then you may be aware that there are lots of companies of Wood Flooring in Surrey. All you need is to apply your acumen and choose the unique services if you wish to make your home look appealing. Why the use of wood flooring is speeding up these days? Do you want to dig into the benefits of using wood flooring? So, let’s catch up the benefits of looking at the wood flooring.

Benefits of Wood Flooring:

Getting desperate to know the benefits of wood flooring. Hold your breath and learn some amazing benefits of wood flooring.

  • Long Lasting: If stability is your topmost concern then wood flooring is a great choice for you. As compared to tiles wood flooring is a great choice as it remains stable and long lasting for years. Thus, it is quite good to consider wood flooring in your home.
  • Effective and Easy Cleaning: Another benefit of using wood flooring is that can be easily cleaned, consumes much less time and requires no specific operations to clean it.
  • Gives a Dashing Look: If you are looking for something really different, then wood flooring is a great idea as it goes well with any home décor under the sun. So, you can choose from the sundries of designs of wood flooring that can create wonders.
  • Crank up the Selling Value: If you are planning to sell your home in future then investing in wood floors in Surrey is a great idea as it cranks up the selling value of your home. So, don’t think twice and just invest in wood flooring at present to make your future bright.

So, these are some of the crazy benefits of wood flooring.

Are you also impressed by the majestic aura of wood floors and are hunting for wood floor in Surrey? If yes, then Timber Zone is the great choice for you as it offers a great combination of quality and unique combinations.

Bespoke Versailles Parquet Flooring in London

To start with, wood panels are quite unique and compared to plank flooring; they are more decorative and –magnificent. Our range of Versailles Parquet Flooring will wow you easily. They are renowned for their timeless elegance so much so that they adorned the floor of one of the world’s famous palaces during the reign of one of the world’s most illustrious monarchs, the Sun King himself.

 The Versailles Parquet Panels became the centerpiece in the hall of mirrors and since then has attained universal acceptance across the whole of Europe. From being a symbol of royalty, opulence and luxury, you can now find Versailles Parquet flooring in London homes and most other traditional and modern interiors.

Timberzone Versailles Parquet Flooring can easily spice up any interior.  Each of the Turgon panels is custom made and we offer our customers an unlimited choice of style, size, and wood species. We work in conjunction with a range of designers so we can create a bespoke look that can easily complement your modern interiors or traditional décor.

We carefully consider all of the intricate details and important factors so we can arrive at the top quality we’re known for. These include size, depth, color, the degree of aging and distressing, oil type or lacquer chosen, as well as the cut of the log. All of these are carefully considered in designing your panel. Each piece is carefully selected and aged individually. They are also distressed and manipulated to meet clients’ precise specifications and requirements.

The wood is made from real oak and you can rest assured that they’ll definitely stand the test of time. The top layer finish both provides a kind of authentic look as well as added protection. You can expect it to remain perfect even if used in high traffic areas of the home.

Every tile counts and here at Timberzone, we maintain our quality all through and are very attentive to details. Each tile stands for superior quality due to the natural grade and the premium quality of this floor. Due to the exceptional quality of the materials used, there seems to be a high level of authenticity with the floor exuding this kind of calm and natural beauty, making it a worthy fit for your London home’s flooring.

You can order a free sample to be delivered to your doorstep. You can also easily contact us to discuss your options as it relates to your bespoke wood flooring.

Timberzone “Bog Oak” Flooring: Rare Wood with a Unique History

So, what do you think are the rarest things in the world?

Diamond, ruby, what again? I bet you wouldn’t think a particular Bog Oak wood could be so rarer than diamond. I bet you’re even asking yourself right now what in the world a Bog Oak is. It’s fine and you’re not alone. If you ask a thousand people what Bog Oak is, hardly will you see one or more of these people with really detailed knowledge of what this rare and special wood is.

So, what exactly is Bog Oak wood?

Bog Oak is known technically as “Quercus Robur Abonos”, you’re probably struggling to make a sense out of that. The Bog Oak is a special type of oak tree that has been buried for hundreds or thousands of years in peat bogs. This wood has been preserved from decay anaerobic and acidic bog conditions.

Bog Oak has a rich historical and classical background. It is rarer than diamond and without Kauri as its only rival; Bog Oak is easily the most expensive wood in the world. During the reign of Tsar Peter I, being in possession of Bog Oak floor or furniture is a criminal offence that is punishable by death.
Amazingly, the Timberzone wood floor production team has been working with Bog Oak for more than five years now. The wood is searched for and mined from rivers, lakes, swamps, and gravel pits like a treasure. The extraction process is quite complicated and expensive.

Bog Oak has exceptional durability and quality

The Bog Oak wood is quite exceptional and has outstanding qualities. There’s virtually nothing to feed the borer and in a thousand years to come, it will still retain the same beautiful and magnificent look it has today. Maybe it will have cracks, but you can expect it to still be very much suitable for processing.

Bog Oak wood is believed to have healing powers

Bog Oak gives back the energy it has accumulated over the centuries or millenniums. A bioenergotherapeutist has even opined that the wood has exceptional healing powers. It is believed that having Bog Oak in your home can help boost your well being and maintain a good atmosphere.

Timberzone Bog Oak wood is super awesome

Over the past few years, the popularity of Bog Oak has soared very high. We pondered this and decided to release our own line of Bog Oak floor products that will be suitable for our wide clientele base. So, we made our own floor with 4 to 6mm Bog Oak layers, made from dated logs, and as we’ve always done, we were able to create another masterpiece.

This wood is naturally unique. It is extravagant in nature, and can easily fit into modern as well as classical interiors. It is classy and its high standard has made it a superb choice for premium flooring as well as other uses.
You can count on us to get the best of Bog Oak and every other wood for your London home flooring needs. Feel free to order a free sample or contact us to discuss your options.

Wood Flooring Essex

Wood Flooring Making Your Floors Dazzling

A constant change in life is quite necessary if everyone wishes to grow in life. Growing requires a positive environment. Some people keep themselves engrossed towards negative thoughts and dare not to take a positive step. Whether you are looking to make a growth in your business, or want to excel in your career or you have any other pursue any other activity you can start from bringing a change to the flooring pattern of your home. Are you a resident of Essex and looking for making a change to your boring monotonous floors? If yes, then you can simply try wood flooring in Essex.It will bring a positive change in your monotonous life. So, want to delve into the beautiful world of wood flooring. Read on this blog further to know more about wood flooring.

Types of Wood Flooring:

If you have decided that wood flooring is the change you want to bring to your home then before taking any step you must be familiar with different types of wood flooring. It will bring you at an ease with choosing the perfect flooring pattern you can adorn your home or commercial enterprise with. So, let’s start with some important types of wood flooring.

Solid Wood Flooring: One of the most important types of wood flooring is solid hardwood flooring. The chief characteristic of solid wood flooring is that it is made from single piece of wood from top to bottom. Solid wood flooring is really comfortable for all the settings like rooms on the ground or above the ground. Solid hardwood floors enjoy unparalleled natural beauty and they are a perfect match with any décor. It does not matter whether you are living in whichever country of the world you can simply buy quality varieties of solid wood flooring. If you live in Essex then you can find a number of sellers catering to buyer’s requirements of wood flooring in Essex.

Laminate Wood Flooring: Laminate floor is actually made up of high density fiber board. It is also known as artificial flooring. There are numerous advantages of laminate flooring such as affordable prices and lasting durability and strength. It comes in a variety of styles. So, if you wish to enjoy all these benefits laminate flooring must be your only choice.

Engineered Wood Flooring: It consists of different layers of wood glued together at right angles. The biggest benefit of this kind of wood flooring is that it is not exposed to rust and humidity.

So, are you looking forward to buying excellent quality Wood Flooring in Essex ? If yes, then Timber zone is one of the best dealers in making your choice accomplished.

Also, we provide wood flooring services in Surrey, Watford, Bushey, Harpenden, Harlow, Luton, St Albans, Hatfield, Potters Bar, Hemel Hempstead, Welwyn Garden City.

The Benefits of Choosing Bespoke Wood Flooring for Your London Home

So, you’ll be flooring your London home sometime soon but can’t quite choose easily from the many options before you. You’ve got Timberzone on the one hand, with excellent bespoke wood flooring options for your home, and on the other side, you have sellers like Wicks, B&Q, etc offering to sell you equally excellent off-the-rack wood floor products as well.

Well, considering the diversity and variety of options we’ve got today, anyone can become easily confused between choosing whether to go for bespoke flooring or off the shelf options. But the truth is; when you carefully consider both of these options, you’ll definitely see the better option in bespoke wooding floors like the ones offered by Timberzone.

But, what makes bespoke wood floors better than off the shelve options?

Firstly, there is a reason most people would prefer wood flooring in London for their home.

Wood floors come across as highly durable, highly appealing, and they have this warmth and luxurious feel. So, when you put choice, variability, and flexibility into the mix, you’re sure you’re really onto something special. In all honesty, this added variability of styles and choice is why bespoke wood flooring products like the one we produce here at Timberzone appear to be a far more appealing option to most homeowners than having to live with a specific off-the-rack design and style.

Variable style, size, and design advantage

When you buy your wood floors from off-the-shelf outlets, you’re automatically going to have to live with a factory-finished style and design you have little to no control over. Whether this is able to fit perfectly into your home’s setting is something you’ll have to find out and do separately but with Timberzone bespoke wood flooring in London, the story is a whole lot different.

Timberzone wood flooring is made to your taste

You want a unique design for your unique home and only bespoke wood flooring in London guarantees that. Your choice of flooring is made to your unique taste to satisfy your demands. This way, you are able to overcome all of the limitations that will usually come with off-the-rack flooring products.

Your choice regarding style, size, wood design, and others are virtually unlimited and you have control over your choice of flooring to a reasonable extent. Timberzone offers and order sample service that allows you to order samples from the order page to be delivered free of charge to your doorstep. This means you get to match or compare different colours, styles, woodgrain, etc, to help your decision-making process prior to your floor installation.

Final thoughts

With Timberzone, you’re easily to choose from different styles and options of beautiful wood floors for your wood floor installation in London. On top of these, you still get the price match service as well for price and specifications comparison to ensure you get better flexibility with your choice of price as well.

When you factor in all of these, you’ll easily see why bespoke wood flooring in London has become the preferred choice for many homeowners. It’s a great way to choose your best options as far as flooring is concerned. You’ll be easily able to create your own masterpiece and your wood floor can perfectly reflect your taste and personality unlike what you’ll get with off-the-shelf flooring options.

World Leading Wood Flooring Company in London

Nothing remains constant in this world and this is the beauty of this world that various trends come and shake the world with their amazing presence. With the passage of time, they disappear and new trends take their place. This is specifically true in case of the interior designing trends, floor designs, and exterior of the house. If you go more specific and talk about the evolving trends in the floor designs then you will notice that now a day’s wood flooring is widely preferred in the context of the wood flooring.

Wood flooring has surpassed all the popular trends and has become the first choice of the household residents and other sorts of professionals. The main point to note is that access to wood flooring is also quite easy as there is a variety of Wood Flooring Company in London that can fulfill your demands.

Benefits of Using Wooden Flooring on the Floors:

Using wooden flooring offers so many benefits that make it the very first preference of the clients. Some of the main benefits are discussed below:

  • Ease of Installation: Wooden flooring provides an ease of installation as compared to the cumbersome procedure of laying tiles. Exclusively in a tongue and groove system where two flat surfaces are joined strongly to use them as a single surface installation of wooden flooring provides awesome advantages.
  • A Boon for Winters: One important point that makes wooden flooring the first choice of the clients is that it provides a warm temperature that soothes the feet in winter. As compared to the tiles, which impart a cold touch to the feet in the winters.
  • Available in Versatile Designs: One of the most important factors that make people mad after the wooden flooring is that it is available in various innovative designs and different color combinations. They can create a mesmerizing and effective look and appeal to the home.
  • Affordable and Lasts Longer: As wood flooring is manufactured from the tree-wood, so it is quite cheap in cost and lasts longer. In fact, it provides a great finishing touch to the floors that is really recommended by all.

Affordable and lasts longer: As wood flooring is manufactured from the tree-wood, so it is quite cheap in cost and lasts longer. In fact, it provides a great finishing touch to the floors that is really recommended by all.

Are you looking for some great trends of the wood flooring? If you desire the best options from the available options then timber zone is the perfect choice for you. Timber Zone gives a variety of options to its customer and once they choose the service they can really enjoy their decision.

Enhancing the Aesthetics of the Floors

There are various kinds of flooring that are available to décor the home. From ancient times till present people choose different kinds of wood flooring to decorate their home. One of the most sought-after flooring trends is engineered flooring. Due to its various features, engineered flooring is becoming extremely popular among the clients. As compared to the solid wood, the engineered flooring is extremely durable and environment-friendly. Engineered wood basically consists of three layers. The first layer is made up of the real wood. The bottom layer is also made up of wood. The layer which is in the middle is made up of plywood. If you reside in London, then you may know that there are so many vendors who offer versatile Engineered flooring prices in London.

Qualities That Make the Engineered Flooring the Ultimate Choice of Clients:

Moisture Resistant: Engineered flooring is widely preferred by the clients due to its appealing qualities. One of the qualities of engineered flooring is that it is moisture resistant. Therefore, engineering wood lasts long as compared to solid wood flooring.

Quite Comfortable: Engineered flooring is quite comfortable, as it is made up of wood so it gives a warmth touch and hence the persons applying hardwood flooring does not feel cold while on the surface. So, engineered wood is really preferred by the people.

Cost-Effective: The advantage of installing the engineered flooring in the rooms is that they are quite cost-effective option to install in any area. Moreover, they offer an ease of installation. So, it is crossing all the bars of popularity and steeped in the market as the most popular option.

Water Resistant: The advantage of installing the engineered flooring is that it possess water resistant property. It does not get corrode due to the presence of water.

These qualities make engineered wood flooring the first choice of the clients.

Are you looking for various dealers of Engineering Wood Flooring in London? If yes, then you may find a variety of dealers offering various pricing regarding the engineered flooring. The best organization that you would come to know about after your research for Engineered Flooring Prices in London is timber zone. Timber zone has provided its clients an era of excellence and the highest client satisfaction. Therefore, their clients really cheer their presence in the domain of engineering wood flooring.

Commercial Wood Flooring

Hardwood floors appear to be extraordinary in any kind of setting, and that comprise commercial setting like offices and retails. In the event that you are putting in new floor alternative for your office or retail space, see the advantages if commercial hardwood flooring.


A hardwood floor can stand up to loads of pedestrian activity, which is vital in commercial settings where individuals work and shop each day. With legitimate support, your hardwood floors will keep going quite a while.

Upgrade esteem

By embedding’s the hardwood floors upgrade the estimation of your office. If the time comes to move to a greater retail space or move to another office, hardwood floor will be alluring to potential purchasers and enable you to request a higher cost.

Simple to Keep up

Hardwood floors are anything but difficult to clean and keep up. It requires vacuum and once in a while utilize an expert cleaning item.

On a finishing up take note of, these are a portion of the advantages of commercial hardwood flooring. Now the next question that pop-ups in mind are from which shop to purchase Commercial Wood Flooring in London, as the market is overwhelmed with furniture stores and this creates perplexity among individuals from where to purchase. Well, nowadays offline stores have begun online business moreover. As they realize that in present-day age individuals are leaning toward online as opposed to going physically to offline stores. To discover the best furniture store online, type the keyword into the search engine bar and all the best organizations will show up before you. Ensures, before choosing any store, read the client reviews and the material from which items are made. Hence, these are a portion of the essential things that must be remembered at the time of acquiring furniture online.

Things That You Must Know About Engineered Timber Flooring Materials

When you are out choosing the flooring of your home, you are likely to come across the term engineered timber flooring at some point of time. Plenty of people use engineered timber flooring materials these days so it is not surprising that you may get intrigued by this product. Basically, engineered flooring is just what it states; it is engineered by a special group of experts by combining multiple layers of wood together. Among these layers, the topmost layer is actually 100% natural wood. This wood can be obtained from a variety of different species of trees. The bottom or lowest layer of the engineered flooring material is also wood. The middle section is made up of a core that is comprised of around 5-7 layers of plywood which are arranged in a crisscross manner in different directions.

The engineered timber flooring materials are known for their highly stable core which is not likely to contract, expand or shift even when exposed to humidity, moisture and temperature. Such benefits really make engineered wood flooring one of the best options when it comes to installing flooring materials in rooms which are subjected to moisture. They can be installed in rooms that have radiant heating systems or concrete slabs. It is therefore no surprise that this form of wooden flooring is often used in basements where there is always a high risk of exposure to moisture. They are also a popular choice for places and areas where solid hardwood flooring materials cannot be installed.

Another reason why many people choose to go for engineered timber flooring these days is that they often present greater durability and endurance features, particularly while dealing with moisture, humidity and temperature changes. Temperature alterations are one of the major reasons due to which wooden flooring materials can get damaged over the years. However, with engineered timber flooring that never seems to be a problem. Engineered wood materials can be easily sanded and refinished multiple times over the lifespan of the floor. So if you have a home, office or store area where humidity, moisture and temperature changes seems to be a major problem, you can easily go for this type of flooring material as it can ensure you smooth performance over the years. The layered construction of these flooring materials ensures greater stability against any kind of environmental changes. The premium engineered timber products always comes with warranty coverage which provides with the assurance of their performance.

There is yet another reason why this form of flooring product is more popular among many buyers and that is lower price. Generally, engineered timber flooring products tends to be much less expensive compared to solid hardwood products. While premium engineered timber collections that come a with thick hardwood top layer and features like enhanced durability and uniquely artistic designs that make it costlier than the average products, the standard versions are actually quite pocket friendly. The high performance engineered timber products are known for their solid pricing which is why they are favored by many consumers.

So if you choose to get engineered timber flooring products for your flooring needs, make sure that you get in touch with an Engineered Timber Flooring London manufacturer who can get you reliable products. These companies make use of innovative techniques to create these flooring products that can ensure reliable performance for many years. The leading manufacturers of these products can also offer you great choices in terms of the wood variations they come in, such as Maple, Oak, Hickory, Cherry, Birch and Walnut as well as exotic woods such as Acacia, African Mahogany, and Tiger wood.

Renovate Your Home with Attractive Wood Panels and Designs

One’s abode is an investment of one’s dreams, desires, and hopes.Therefore, everyone invests his or her hard earned money in either buying or constructing his or her sweet home. Going further, only buying a property is not sufficient, to renovate it from time to time is extremely urgent. As the look and feel of one’s home interior gives a reflection of the living style and aesthetic appeal of its residing members. Different interior designers look for several appealing techniques to renovate the style and feel of home. One of the amazing techniques to renovate the monotonous look of the homes is Wood panel. There are various companies who are quite adroit at providing the services of the wood paneling. One of these organizations is Timber Zone LTD.

Wood Panel: An Introduction:

The origin of the wood panel is traced back to the1970’s and 1980’s. If you wish to change the look and feel of your residing area, then you can without any doubt count on the wood panel, a low-cost way to renovate your home. If the walls of your rooms give a depleted look or you are bored with the similar look of the walls of your bedroom, then it is the right time to show your artistic ability and rely on Wood panel as a great option. Are you excited to go in the depth of wood panels? If yes, then you can scroll down further to explore more information. Wood panels can be left unpainted or can be painted as it deems fit to you.

Different Types of Wood Panel:

  • Decorative Wall Paneling: It is one of the most famous wall paneling that can be applied easily to transform the decaying walls into an attractive and amazing look. Decorative wall panels are mostly available in different colors that can give an amazing look to the walls.
  • Brick Paneling: This type of wood paneling works well when you wish to give a modernized look to your home in tight schedules. This technique is widely used to speed up the process of renovation as well as to cut down the labor costs.
  • Bamboo Paneling: It is one of the simplest and affordable ways to ensure the refurbishing of the room walls. By applying these wood panels you can show a sense of creativity, as this type of paneling gives a look quite close to nature.

Generally, wood panels are available in the size of 4/8 foot sheets.

Are you desperate to apply wood panels at your homes? Don’t worry, you can have access to the multiple resources of Wood Panels. If you are looking for a unique and standout option, then only Timber Zone LTD is the best place for you.