How Much Does Engineered Wood Flooring Cost?

When homeowners are ready to have new flooring installed in their homes, they must choose which type of flooring they want to have. The most common choices are hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, and ceramic flooring. But what about engineered wood flooring? Is that better than hardwood flooring?

Engineered wood flooring is growing in popularity amongst homeowners. It is basically composite wood flooring because several wood fibres are placed together to produce a single solid layer of wood. This is often a very durable and sturdy wood layer too. The adhesive used to stick the wood fibres together is a special type of glue. Sometimes there are other materials placed along with the wood fibres to fill in the extra gaps of the layer.

The cost of engineered wood flooring ranges between £18 and £55 for every square meter. This price range is about in the middle as far as expense goes. Laminated flooring only costs between £5 and £15 for every square meter, while hardwood flooring is between £16 and £80.

The exact price you pay depends on the size of the area where the flooring is getting installed. And, of course, the rates of your service provider may be different than other providers. For this reason, you need to research which installer you want to use ahead of time.

Let’s look at a hypothetical situation. Suppose you want to install engineered wood flooring on 1,000 square feet of living space. One thousand square feet is equal to about 93 square meters. With a price range of between £18 and £55 for every square meter, that means your cost for engineered wood flooring would be anywhere from £1,674 and £5,115. 

The quality of the composite materials will play a huge role in the price too. Some manufacturers use lower quality materials, which will put the price in the £18 per square meter range. But that doesn’t mean you should always go with the most expensive choice either. Try to settle for a price in the middle of this range, like at around £35 per square meter. Make sure the manufacturer is reputable too. If you do this, then you’ll be all set.