Timberzone “Bog Oak” Flooring: Rare Wood with a Unique History

So, what do you think are the rarest things in the world?

Diamond, ruby, what again? I bet you wouldn’t think a particular Bog Oak wood could be so rarer than diamond. I bet you’re even asking yourself right now what in the world a Bog Oak is. It’s fine and you’re not alone. If you ask a thousand people what Bog Oak is, hardly will you see one or more of these people with really detailed knowledge of what this rare and special wood is.

So, what exactly is Bog Oak wood?

Bog Oak is known technically as “Quercus Robur Abonos”, you’re probably struggling to make a sense out of that. The Bog Oak is a special type of oak tree that has been buried for hundreds or thousands of years in peat bogs. This wood has been preserved from decay anaerobic and acidic bog conditions.

Bog Oak has a rich historical and classical background. It is rarer than diamond and without Kauri as its only rival; Bog Oak is easily the most expensive wood in the world. During the reign of Tsar Peter I, being in possession of Bog Oak floor or furniture is a criminal offence that is punishable by death.
Amazingly, the Timberzone wood floor production team has been working with Bog Oak for more than five years now. The wood is searched for and mined from rivers, lakes, swamps, and gravel pits like a treasure. The extraction process is quite complicated and expensive.

Bog Oak has exceptional durability and quality

The Bog Oak wood is quite exceptional and has outstanding qualities. There’s virtually nothing to feed the borer and in a thousand years to come, it will still retain the same beautiful and magnificent look it has today. Maybe it will have cracks, but you can expect it to still be very much suitable for processing.

Bog Oak wood is believed to have healing powers

Bog Oak gives back the energy it has accumulated over the centuries or millenniums. A bioenergotherapeutist has even opined that the wood has exceptional healing powers. It is believed that having Bog Oak in your home can help boost your well being and maintain a good atmosphere.

Timberzone Bog Oak wood is super awesome

Over the past few years, the popularity of Bog Oak has soared very high. We pondered this and decided to release our own line of Bog Oak floor products that will be suitable for our wide clientele base. So, we made our own floor with 4 to 6mm Bog Oak layers, made from dated logs, and as we’ve always done, we were able to create another masterpiece.

This wood is naturally unique. It is extravagant in nature, and can easily fit into modern as well as classical interiors. It is classy and its high standard has made it a superb choice for premium flooring as well as other uses.
You can count on us to get the best of Bog Oak and every other wood for your London home flooring needs. Feel free to order a free sample or contact us to discuss your options.