Oak Flooring in A Commercial Environment

Have you ever seen oak flooring in a commercial environment? You have probably not seen it if you’ve only been to offices and retail stores. They like to use either carpeting or tile on their floors. It is understandable because oak flooring is solid and durable. If someone were to fall on the floor, they’d likely get hurt worse by the oak material versus the carpeting or tile. Companies want to avoid lawsuits by keeping their flooring the way it is.

Also, you need to consider the heavy traffic in a commercial environment. If people were constantly walking back and forth on oak flooring and moving furniture and chairs on them, it would create scuffs and marks on the wood. And if there is a lot of moisture in your commercial environment, then it would cause the wood to dry out and form cracks. There’s no real upside to oak flooring in a commercial environment other than the aesthetic appeal. But even that won’t last long if it gets scratched and scuffed repeatedly every day. 

So, what is the solution here? Is there any commercial environment which can accommodate oak flooring? Sure, but it won’t be in all the rooms of your commercial building. You could put oak flooring in rooms where there isn’t a lot of work activity taking place. Some good examples of this include waiting rooms, cafeterias, and lounge areas.

On the other hand, not all commercial environments are busy places with dozens of people walking around each day. You might have a small commercial environment like a real estate office or coffee shop which can benefit more from the rustic appearance of the wood. Everyone loves the look of oak flooring, so it would certainly impress your clients or customers when they enter your facility. There is practically no maintenance required either, so you can focus all your attention on your business and the work it entails.

Overall, there are two deciding factors for whether you should have oak flooring installed in a commercial environment. The two factors are your budget and the level of traffic in your building. Oak flooring is more expensive than softwood, tile, and carpeting, so make sure you have the money set aside for it.

Finally, don’t get the oak flooring if you have a high traffic facility. The oak might be strong, but it can only take so much abuse before it starts to crack up and change colour. Keep these two things in mind, and you should be okay.

Are You Ready for Oak Flooring?

Flooring is a very important feature of any home. You may have carpeting on the floors of your living room and bedrooms, but does it really look attractive? Sure, carpets are soft to walk on, but they get dirty easily. Dirt particles and bug larvae build up underneath the surface of carpets to where you cannot see them. Even vacuuming your carpets doesn’t always get rid of it all.

You don’t need to settle for carpets on your flooring any longer. Rip up those annoying carpets and replace them with oak hardwood flooring. This might seem like a ridiculous idea because hardwood is a tougher, colder surface on your feet. But there are several advantages to switching to oak flooring that you might not have realised before.

Let’s go over those advantages now:

1) Easier to Clean

Say goodbye to scrubbing up stains and messes. When food or liquid falls onto an oak floor, you can easily wipe it away clean. There is no scrubbing required. Try to wipe up the mess quickly, though. Don’t leave it on the wood for too long or else the mess will harden onto the texture.  

2) Durable and Long Lasting

Oak hardwood flooring has a very long lifespan. Oak is a durable material which can withstand many years of walking and placing heavy furniture on it. You shouldn’t need to replace the oak in your lifetime.

3) Helps Cool the Home

Oak hardwood has a natural tendency to stay cool no matter what the temperature is inside or outside. This comes in very handy in the summertime because you can cool your feet after you come inside from under the hot sun. The indoor temperature also stays cooler because of the flooring too.

4) Increase the Value of Your Home

Every homeowner is looking for a simple way to increase the value of their home. By installing oak hardwood flooring, you can easily increase your home’s value. If you put your home for sale on the market, it’ll have twice as much chance of selling with oak hardwood flooring present.


If you can invest just one-time into high-quality oak hardwood flooring for your home, then the investment will pay off for many years to come. So yes, you are definitely ready for oak flooring.

From No Oak Floor to New Oak Floor…

Do you lack an oak floor in your home? Are you wondering if you should go from no oak floor to a new oak floor? If so, do not worry because the installation job is not as hard as you might think. It is actually easier to install a new oak floor when you currently don’t have an oak floor. Otherwise, you’d have to rip up the old oak floor from the foundation, clean up the debris, and then install the new oak floor. That would obviously take a lot more time and effort.

But first, do you really need a new oak floor? If you don’t already have one, then you probably have either tile or carpet on your flooring. Tiling has its advantages and disadvantages, so you may decide to keep it under certain circumstances. The advantages are that tile is a cheaper material which is easier to clean than oak. The disadvantages are that tile is not as sturdy and strong as oak. Tile also doesn’t look as natural and homely as oak either.

As for carpeting, you may have given up on it a long time ago. The only real advantages of carpeting are that it feels soft and warm on your feet. Besides that, carpeting attracts pet hair, dust, mould, dirt, and lots of other nasty elements that you don’t want in your house. If you were to rip up all your carpeting and replace it with oak flooring, you’d notice a significant improvement in the aesthetics and cleanliness of your indoor home environment.  

However, the cost may be the one thing which prevents you from getting a new oak floor. The average cost per square foot of oak is between £3 and £7. When installing oak hardwood flooring in an entire home, the national average is about £3,000. If you were to choose a softwood instead, you could reduce this price by about 50%.

The only problem is softwood is not as durable, so it would defeat the purpose of getting a new wood floor in the first place. Oak may be more expensive, but it can last for several decades if basic maintenance and upkeep are performed on it. That is the main reason why you should choose to get a new oak floor. Once you have it installed, it will remain in your house for several generations. You’ll never need to worry about getting new flooring again.

Light, Medium or Heavy Distressed Oak Flooring?

Distressed oak flooring is a type of new hardwood floor which is purposely modified or engineered to look worn, old, and rustic. The only difference is the distressed oak flooring won’t have the huge splits and textured grain that a truly old oak floor would have. It basically gives you the best of both worlds because you get the appearance of a distressed oak floor but without any of the setbacks.

You can choose between engineered and solid distressed oak flooring. All distressed oak flooring has boards with different sized knots in them. These boards may have small holes and cracks, along with some colour differences. When the boards are put through the distressing process, their natural grains become darker. The brushed surface texture of the boards makes them look even older.

The three finishes available for distressed oak flooring are light, medium, and heavy. Lightly distressed oak flooring has had very little distressing done to the boards. The edges are where most of the distressing can be seen. The boards have a small tint of colour, but they don’t look nearly as old as the other two finishes.

Medium distressed oak flooring has a moderate level of darkness on the boards and up to the edges. You can still see some of the natural oak colour, but it is merged with a darker distressing colour to resemble an older age. People who look at medium distressed oak flooring might think it is about 10 to 50 years old.

Heavy distressed oak flooring is a finish which makes the boards look hundreds of years old. The colour is almost entirely dark, so make sure you really want the old oak appearance if you go with the heavy distressed finish. If you’re restoring an old home that was built before 1930, then heavily distressed oak flooring might be appropriate. But if you’re merely replacing the flooring in a newer house, then light or medium distressed oak flooring would be fine.

If you had to make a safe choice, then go with the medium distressed oak flooring because it gives you a mixture of colours. You still get to see some of your real flooring colour while incorporating the distressed finishing colour onto it as well. Visitors might get a real sense of family by seeing flooring like this.

Lightly distressed flooring is hardly distressed at all. These lighter coloured boards look like they’re no more than 1-year old. This might be a good thing if you’re trying to restore your home and want to make its flooring look new. It is something to consider at least.

Timberzone “Bog Oak” Flooring: Rare Wood with a Unique History

So, what do you think are the rarest things in the world?

Diamond, ruby, what again? I bet you wouldn’t think a particular Bog Oak wood could be so rarer than diamond. I bet you’re even asking yourself right now what in the world a Bog Oak is. It’s fine and you’re not alone. If you ask a thousand people what Bog Oak is, hardly will you see one or more of these people with really detailed knowledge of what this rare and special wood is.

So, what exactly is Bog Oak wood?

Bog Oak is known technically as “Quercus Robur Abonos”, you’re probably struggling to make a sense out of that. The Bog Oak is a special type of oak tree that has been buried for hundreds or thousands of years in peat bogs. This wood has been preserved from decay anaerobic and acidic bog conditions.

Bog Oak has a rich historical and classical background. It is rarer than diamond and without Kauri as its only rival; Bog Oak is easily the most expensive wood in the world. During the reign of Tsar Peter I, being in possession of Bog Oak floor or furniture is a criminal offence that is punishable by death.
Amazingly, the Timberzone wood floor production team has been working with Bog Oak for more than five years now. The wood is searched for and mined from rivers, lakes, swamps, and gravel pits like a treasure. The extraction process is quite complicated and expensive.

Bog Oak has exceptional durability and quality

The Bog Oak wood is quite exceptional and has outstanding qualities. There’s virtually nothing to feed the borer and in a thousand years to come, it will still retain the same beautiful and magnificent look it has today. Maybe it will have cracks, but you can expect it to still be very much suitable for processing.

Bog Oak wood is believed to have healing powers

Bog Oak gives back the energy it has accumulated over the centuries or millenniums. A bioenergotherapeutist has even opined that the wood has exceptional healing powers. It is believed that having Bog Oak in your home can help boost your well being and maintain a good atmosphere.

Timberzone Bog Oak wood is super awesome

Over the past few years, the popularity of Bog Oak has soared very high. We pondered this and decided to release our own line of Bog Oak floor products that will be suitable for our wide clientele base. So, we made our own floor with 4 to 6mm Bog Oak layers, made from dated logs, and as we’ve always done, we were able to create another masterpiece.

This wood is naturally unique. It is extravagant in nature, and can easily fit into modern as well as classical interiors. It is classy and its high standard has made it a superb choice for premium flooring as well as other uses.
You can count on us to get the best of Bog Oak and every other wood for your London home flooring needs. Feel free to order a free sample or contact us to discuss your options.